About Chef Reader

At Chef Reader, our mission is to help everyone make their best meal.

Chef Reader’s editorial staff and contributors include recipe developers, practiced home cooks, professional chefs, journalists, and more.

Across the board, we’re a group of passionate, opinionated food enthusiasts with a drive to dive deep, get things right, and do justice to any topic we take on.

Our approach to our work in the kitchen is serious, but the results are for everyone, whether you’re a hardcore food nerd making a special-occasion feast or a casual, once-a-week cook who’s just looking for your next dinner.

Whatever your interests and cooking style, we’ve got a new recipe, technique, or thought-provoking perspective on food for you. We believe food can and should be a fun and engaging topic for everyone.

We regularly review the quality of our library and periodically remove from our site recipes that no longer conform to our current editorial standards.

We’re always looking for new writers, recipe developers to join our team of contributors. We’re currently accepting pitches for recipes and food histories. Please submit pitches or inquire about potential assignments by sharing a short bio and your relevant experience in an email to [email protected]

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