Apples Boiled Down Dry

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Prep Time 30 mins
Total Time 30 mins
Course Dinner
Cuisine European
Servings 1 people


  • Apples - different varieties
  • Sugar
  • Raisins


  • I got so many different apples and each one has its own taste and sweetness. Therefore it is very difficult to give an exact amount of sugar here. But you really don't need any sugar for preserving with this kind of shelf life. Wash or rinse the glasses with hot water and place the rubber rings in boiling water.
  • Wash the apples, cut in half, peel and remove the core. Grate some of the apples with a little sugar - mix according to the taste of the apples and some raisins. - If you don't like raisins, just leave them out, we love them!
  • Layer the halved apples in glasses, pressing lightly so that there is not much air between them.
  • Fill the grated apples into glasses and press them on - see picture -
  • Place the hot rubber rings on the jars, secure the lids on them and secure with clips. If you have twist-off glasses, just screw the lids on them.
  • Place the glasses in a high saucepan and fill them with water to just below the largest glass. Turn on the stove and when the water boils turn down the temperature a little. The halved apples should be cooked at 90 ° C for approx. 30 minutes - the grated apples for approx. 20 minutes. Then take it out and ideally place it on a cloth. I also like to cover the glasses with a towel and let them cool down more slowly.
  • So you always have a supply of fruit if you want to bake a cake quickly.
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