Apricot Kernel Oil: Effect Of The Valuable Oil

Apricot kernel oil has a health and cosmetic effect and can therefore be used both internally and externally. What is in it and how exactly is it used?

Apricot kernel oil has a very healthy effect, which is mainly due to the high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. It can be used for food as well as for skin and hair care.

Production: This is how apricot kernel oil is obtained

Apricot kernel oil is not obtained from the pulp, but from the kernel in the stone of the apricot โ€“ i.e. the seed. This is done by mechanical cold pressing from the almond-like kernel.

Since the oil contains a high level of unsaturated fatty acids, it goes rancid faster than other oils. Therefore, pressing is often followed by physical or chemical refining to make the oil more durable. However, the characteristic aroma is largely lost in the process.

Ingredients and effect: This is in apricot kernel oil

With its effective ingredients, apricot kernel oil is a real all-rounder that not only has a convincing effect in the beauty sector. Also as a dietary supplement and in some medical sub-areas, the oil has a preventive influence or alleviates symptoms.

The following nutrients in the oil ensure positive effects:

  • Oleic Acid (Omega-9 Fatty Acid)
  • Linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid)
  • palmitic acid
  • palmitoleic acid
  • vitamin E

Traces of B vitamins and vitamin A

Almost 70 percent of the oil consists of oleic acid, which belongs to the omega-9 fatty acids. This is an essential oleic acid that the body cannot produce itself. This makes them all the more valuable for the human body.

Internal effects and application of apricot kernel oil

Apricot kernel oil contains many unsaturated fatty acids. Since the body does not produce them itself, it is particularly important to get them through food. Unsaturated fatty acids generally have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, protect against heart disease, and can help to lower cholesterol levels.

Due to its mild taste, the cold-pressed oil is well-suited for salads and desserts. However, due to its low smoke point, it should not be used to heat food. The refined, heat-resistant apricot oil is better suited for this.

Apricot oil as facial care on the skin

In addition, apricot kernel oil contains 25 percent linoleic acid: Not only can it soothe irritated or sun-damaged skin, but it is also said to have a soothing effect on blemished skin: blackheads and dark pigment spots can be alleviated in the long term with external application of apricot kernel oil.

Tocopherol, known as vitamin E, ensures that fats are distributed in the body and processed further. It also has an antioxidant effect and counteracts skin aging, for example. In general, the quickly absorbed oil provides the skin with a lot of moisture, which ensures a pleasant, smooth feeling. This effect can be observed especially after a facial massage with apricot oil.

Use of apricot kernel oil in children

Since the mild, cold-pressed oil does not contain any irritating substances, it is also well suited for the care of baby skin. It is essential to pay attention to organic quality. Due to the lack of studies on the mode of action, internal use in small children should be avoided.

Buy apricot kernel oil โ€“ what do you have to pay attention to?

For cosmetic use, the apricot kernel oils should have an organic standard. These are easy to find in online shops, health food stores, and health food stores.

If you use apricot kernel oil for medical purposes, you should also pay attention to organic quality. At best, it should not be contaminated by chemical refining. The following applies: the purer the oil and the fewer chemicals it contains, the fewer allergy-causing substances it contains, and the more effective the effect of the apricot kernel oil.

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