Are Japanese Cherries Edible?

Interesting facts about the Japanese cherry

Between the end of March and the beginning of April, the Japanese cherry begins to bloom. The ornamental cherry does not bear fruit and is therefore not edible.

In Japan, she symbolizes various stages of life: she blossoms and the beauty of life comes into play. It fades and is ephemeral. It also symbolizes death.

The Japanese blossom cherry is distinguished – this is edible.

But this form is also more of an ornamental tree. It still develops fruits that are blackish in color and small. You can eat these, but some people tend not to like them. Most people therefore resort to either sweet or sour cherries.

The flowering cherry is therefore not poisonous. However, in many gardens it is used more as an ornamental plant because it has beautiful flowers.

A bloom for your garden that is edible

Would you like to have the Japanese cherry in your garden, edible or not?

This genus needs a calcareous garden soil. It should also be able to drain the water well, and the soil should also be rich in humus.

The location should be in semi-shade. Since the plant otherwise tends to grow in the undergrowth, such as on the edges of forests, it can tolerate the shade.

There are different varieties of Japanese cherry blossoms. You should definitely seek advice from a gardener – they can grow up to six meters tall.

They bloom in spring and the color is neon pink. If you have a small garden, experts recommend the Amanogawa variety. It takes up little space, but is still large (at least four meters). The trunk is columnar.

Whether edible or not – the flowers are simply beautiful.

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