Are there any specific food markets or food streets in Panama?

Food Markets in Panama: A Guide for Visitors

If you’re a food lover visiting Panama, you’re in for a treat! Panama is a melting pot of different cultures, and that is reflected in its food markets. From fresh seafood to exotic fruits and vegetables, Panama’s food markets offer a wide selection of culinary delights.

One of the most popular food markets in Panama is the Mercado de Mariscos, which translates to “Seafood Market.” Located in Panama City, this market is the go-to place for fresh seafood. You can find everything from lobster and shrimp to octopus and fish. The market also has several seafood restaurants where you can try some of the freshest ceviche and seafood soups in Panama.

Another popular food market in Panama City is Mercado de San Felipe Neri. This market is located in the historic district of Casco Viejo and offers a variety of fresh produce, meats, and seafood. You can also find traditional Panamanian dishes, such as sancocho (a hearty soup) and arroz con pollo (chicken and rice).

Exploring the Best Food Streets in Panama

If you want to experience Panama’s street food scene, there are several food streets you should visit. One of the most famous is Calle Uruguay in Panama City. This street is known for its nightlife and has several restaurants and food stalls serving up everything from sushi to burgers.

Another street worth exploring is Avenida Central in Panama City. This street is famous for its empanadas, which are a traditional Panamanian dish made with dough and filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables. You can also find other street food favorites like fried plantains and tamales.

If you’re in the city of David in western Panama, make sure to visit Calle 8va Este. This street is home to several food stalls serving up typical Panamanian dishes, such as carimañolas (deep-fried cassava dough filled with meat or cheese) and chicheme (a sweet corn drink).

The Ultimate Foodie’s Guide to Panama: Must-Visit Markets and Streets

To get the full foodie experience in Panama, make sure to visit both the food markets and food streets. In addition to the Mercado de Mariscos and Mercado de San Felipe Neri, there are several other markets worth checking out, such as the Mercado de Abastos in David and the Mercado de Artesanías y Comidas in Boquete.

When it comes to food streets, don’t miss out on Calle Uruguay, Avenida Central, and Calle 8va Este. Other food streets to explore include Calle G in Panama City, which is known for its Asian cuisine, and Calle Larga in Chiriquí, which has several food stalls serving up regional dishes.

No matter where you go in Panama, you’re sure to find delicious food. So grab a fork and start exploring!

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