Artichoke Helps With Irritable Stomach

The king artichoke not only relieves nausea and feelings of fullness, it even lowers blood lipid levels.

King artichoke for irritable stomach

Loss of appetite, the feeling of fullness, nausea, and the like are among the typical symptoms of irritable stomach syndrome. These are not only triggered by stress but also very fatty or sumptuous meals can put a strain on the digestive tract. In addition, the body produces fewer digestive juices with increasing age – dietary fats are therefore processed less well. The sensitive digestive system is overwhelmed and the liver is unnecessarily burdened. These so-called dyspeptic symptoms can be alleviated gently and quickly with an extract obtained from the leaves of the king artichoke. The plant substances increase the production of bile and thus accelerate the digestion of fat – this relieves the stomach, intestines, and even the liver. At the same time, the bitter substances stimulate the breakdown of blood fats, thereby lowering the cholesterol level. The effectiveness of the king artichoke extract has now been scientifically proven in various studies (investigational product Hepar-SL, over-the-counter, pharmacy). Due to its good tolerability, the agent is also suitable for long-term use.

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