Asparagus: The Spring Vegetable Is So Healthy

Asparagus is not only delicious but also really healthy! We’ll tell you what positive effects the “king vegetables” have on your body.

Asparagus: The spring vegetable is so healthy

The asparagus season finally starts again between the end of March and mid-April. Fortunately, there are many good reasons to look forward to the asparagus season and to get a good helping of the spring vegetables: asparagus is simply delicious and can be prepared in very different ways. Whether with Hollandaise sauce, dried ham, or pasta – there are so many delicious dishes with asparagus that offer variety in the kitchen. And that’s not all: The “king vegetables” are among the healthiest types of vegetables and don’t have to hide behind the modern superfoods. Green asparagus in particular is a real nutrient booster.

Asparagus has several positive effects on health

Due to its high water content, asparagus has few calories and fits into any diet. But not only that: asparagus can do much more and strengthens our muscles with its high magnesium content, increases general well-being, and, and, and…

We were sometimes really amazed at what asparagus can do and are sad that the asparagus season in June is already over.

Want to learn more about the secret superfood? In our picture gallery, we have put together 5 positive effects that asparagus has on you and your health.

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