Bake Frozen Rolls: Sunday Brunch Without Going to the Bakery

Frozen rolls taste almost like fresh from the baker if you observe the following tips:

  • Preheat the oven to around 180 °C (top and bottom heat). This way they are baked evenly on all sides.
  • Do not defrost the frozen rolls to bake them.
  • Moisten the rolls with a little water so that they do not become too dry when they are baked.
  • A fireproof bowl of water in the oven provides moist heat when baking. In this way, the deep-frozen rolls dry out less and become nice and crispy.
  • Bake the frozen rolls for about 10 minutes. If you do not want to place them on baking paper for ecological reasons, you will find ideas for sustainable baking paper replacements here. Grain rolls and simple wheat rolls taste best with a crispy crust. Depending on your taste, you can leave them in the oven for a little longer. You should keep an eye on burger buns or milk rolls when baking them, as they should remain fluffy and soft and should not be too dark.
  • It is best to eat the baked rolls while they are still warm.
  • If there are any baked rolls left over or they turned out a little too dark when baked, they are good for making breadcrumbs for crispy breading.

Alternatives to baking in the oven

Of course, you can’t just bake your Sunday rolls in the oven. You can also get a crispy result with a toaster with an attachment. It’s even faster if you slice the buns and then place them on the toaster attachment. A mini oven is also suitable for baking bread rolls. It heats up faster and uses less electricity than a real oven. Many also swear by baking frozen rolls in the air fryer. It is particularly quick if you bake frozen rolls in the microwave. However, they don’t get really crispy in the microwave. You can find more about wheat rolls, storage tips, and information about nutritional values ​​on the relevant page of our food knowledge.

Tip: If you want to freeze rolls, do so while they are still as fresh as possible. The fresher the rolls are in the freezer, the better the result when they are baked. This not only applies to rolls from the bakery but also if you want to bake and store fresh ciabatta rolls yourself, for example with our baked fish roll recipe.

If you want to bake frozen bread in the oven, you should let it thaw a little beforehand. Otherwise, there is a risk that it will already be too dark outside and it will still be frozen inside. Bread defrosts particularly gently overnight in the refrigerator. It’s best to just do the same thing as you would when defrosting meat.

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