6 Unpretentious Flowers for Planting for Winter: Suitable for Beginners

We do not associate autumn with lush flowerbeds, but some flowers are recommended to plant in the fall. They harden over the winter and bloom even lusher in the spring.


Bright and pretty asters will decorate any garden, and it is not difficult to grow them at all. These perennials will delight you without much trouble on your part. The only strict condition for the growth of these flowers is a sunny area.

Plant more seeds than you want to grow flowers because not all will germinate. Aster plants are sown in dry furrows 2 cm deep and covered with dry earth.


Yarrow usually grows as a wild wildflower, but this plant also has beautiful garden forms. Gardeners love these flowers because of their wide variety of colors and long blooms. Yarrow is not afraid of poor soil and easily takes root. It is best planted in sunny areas. When it blooms, it is recommended to cut off the faded inflorescences – yarrow does not need any other care.


The luxuriant and tall skunking perfectly overwinter in the ground and does not require any special care. The most popular variety is pink, but white and yellow colors are also on sale. The flowers grow very tall, so it is better to sow them behind the low flowers. After winter, the post concern takes a long time to “linger” in the ground, so don’t be upset if you don’t see seedlings in March.


Velvets are the very embodiment of autumn. Bright flowers are not only pleasing to the eye but also useful for the bed, because their smell deters pests. In October, they can be sown on a warm day in a sunny spot. If frost has already set in, cover the crops with the aerofoil. In care velvet plants are unpretentious.


Delicate and similar to small roses begonia flowers are very easy to grow. This flower has many varieties of different shapes and colors, as well as climbing forms for pots. Begonia is best planted in the penumbra in loose soil. The flower does not deplete the soil and can be planted for several years in the same place. Begonia should not be watered too often or it will drop its buds.


Popular sunny rudbeckia come in a variety of colors and varieties. The main advantage of these beauties – is unpretentious in the ground and frost resistance. Rudbeckias survive the winter well, not requiring any shelter. Grows the flower in any place, but in the sun blooms lusher. It does not need watering if there is no prolonged drought. Plant the rudbeckia in mid to late October.

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