7 Best Ways to Get Blood Out of Clothes: Even Old Stains Will Come Off

Blood stains are hard to get out of clothes with conventional laundry detergents. Blood is quickly absorbed into the fabric and stains in seconds. Some of the usual washing methods for other stains can make the blood stain even more persistent.

What not to do with blood stains

If you find blood on your clothes, be careful with the item. Some washing methods should not be used, otherwise, the stain will be absorbed even more, and it will be impossible to wash it. Here’s what not to do with bloody clothes:

  • remove stains with hot water;
  • rub blood stains with your hand;
  • washing in a machine before the stain is removed;
  • use chlorine to remove blood.

How to remove fresh blood with cold water or ice

Cold water quickly and very effectively washes away fresh blood. As soon as you notice blood on your clothes – immediately dip the stain into very cold water and rub it with your hands. If the stain is several hours old – soak it in ice water for an hour, and then hand washes it with soap and water under a cold tap.

A fresh blood stain can also be removed with an ice cube. To do this, simply rub the stain with ice in a circular motion. Outdoors in winter, blood on fabric can be rubbed with snow.

How to wash blood with laundry soap

Laundry soap can be used for repeated removal if the blood did not come out the first time. Soak part of the garment with the stain in cold water for two hours. Then rub the blood generously with laundry soap and leave it for another 30 minutes. After that, wash the clothes by hand.

How to remove old blood with glycerin

Old blood stains come out well with warm glycerin. Heat some glycerine in a cup with water. Soak a cotton pad in the warm solution and put it on the stain. Leave it for 1 hour. During this time the blood will be absorbed into the disc. Then wash the thing in a machine.

How to get blood out of clothes with salt

This method is suitable for white clothes, underwear, and linens. Salt is good for removing old and dried stains. Dilute one tablespoon of salt in one liter of cold water. Soak the thing overnight in this solution, and in the morning wash the stain with soap and water with your hands. Do not increase the salt concentration.

How to get blood out of a fabric with hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide can be used to remove blood from light-colored and undyed fabrics. You cannot use peroxide on jeans and dark clothes.

Apply the peroxide to the stain and leave it on for 30 minutes. During this time, blot the thing several times with a paper napkin. Then blot it again with peroxide. Each time there will be more and more blood on the paper, and the stain will come off the fabric.

How to remove a blood stain with starch

Starch is used to remove blood from silk, cashmere, velour, and other delicate fabrics. Rub the stain with starch on both sides and wait until the starch dries. Then shake the garment and wipe the stain under cold water.

How to wash dried blood with toothpaste

Toothpaste works well to remove blood from synthetic fabrics. If the fabric is white, use toothpaste without the bleaching effect. Dab the blood stain with toothpaste and leave it on until the toothpaste dries. Then rinse the stain with dried paste under cold water. Wash the thing in the machine if the smell of the paste remains on it.

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