A Tiphack on How to Remove Coffee Stains Has Been Named

Probably all of us have at least once in our lives put a coffee stain on our clothes and tried to remove it, though not always successfully.

Problems arise because these are some of the hardest stains to remove. But let’s figure out how to remove coffee stains and save your thing without too much effort at home.

How to remove coffee stain

The main thing in this case – is speed. The sooner you rinse the thing in hot running water – the better. If possible, pour detergent on the stain. But this is suitable if you “planted” the stain from pure black coffee without milk. And of course, you should keep in mind the recommendations for the care of each specific fabric: do not soak things that only dry cleaning is indicated, or do not dip clothes made of delicate fabrics into hot water.

And if coffee and milk are spilled, things should be washed with cold water, so that the protein under the influence of heat does not accelerate the absorption of coffee pigment into the fabric. Salt and water will help from grease – just leave the mixture for a few minutes.

How to remove coffee stain

Depending on the fabric, the following remedies will help to remove the coffee stains:

  • For clothes made of cotton, you need to gently blot the dirty place with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water (in equal quantities).
  • For denim fabrics, you can use the same solution, or replace the peroxide with vinegar. But first, we recommend testing the product on an invisible part of the garment to make sure that the fabric will not lose brightness.
  • But for wool, silk, and satin products, you should dilute glycerin and dishwashing detergent (in equal proportions) in eight parts of water. Soak the stain with this solution (without rubbing it in) several times and let it dry. Repeat the procedure if necessary.
  • Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, rayon, and others can be washed in the same way as silk. You can also try mixing laundry detergent with vinegar and treating both sides of the garment. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.
    By the way, recently we told you how to help ordinary table vinegar if there is salt left on the shoes.

What you do not need to do to get rid of coffee stain

If you just spilled a drink on your favorite blouse, you should not use wet wipes – they will only aggravate the problem. Also, there is no need to rub the stain – so the coffee pigments will only be absorbed deeper.

And as we have already mentioned – it is better to react immediately, rather than delay; do not rinse in hot water the fabric on which the drink with cream or milk has been spilled.

How to wash a stain from coffee – folk remedies

Not a bad assistant in the removal of coffee traces from some tissues will be vinegar. To do this, you need to dilute a teaspoon in a glass of water and dip the thing in it. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse well with water.

Another remedy is baking soda. To do this, you need to mix it with water to a thick (sour creamy) mass, apply it to the stains, and gently wipe it. After an hour, rinse it with water and send it to the washing machine.

Another inexpensive option can be laundry soap. You need to grind it, throw it in hot water, and stir it well until thick foam forms. This solution treats the coffee stains, and after ten minutes, rinse with water.

For white, but not delicate fabrics, you can use bleach. It is mixed with water (in the proportion of one to three), gently apply it to the stains and after a few seconds rinse thoroughly with water.

Ammonia will also be great, but it is not suitable for delicate fabrics. Dilute it in water, apply it to the coffee stain, and send it to the wash.

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