Almased In The Test: Our Experiences With The Diet Shake

Three shakes a day and the pounds are already falling? This is what the Almased weight loss program promises. Here you can get all the information about the Almased diet, the pros & cons as well as helpful practical tips.

The best advertising falls flat when the practical test doesn’t stand up – so I decide to do my own Almased experiences to see: does it work with Almased to lose weight – and if so, how well?

I would like to become slim with Almased and look forward to the summer calmly. This could be the annual bikini emergency plan. I’m determined to get rid of three kilos with the protein vitality diet.

In addition, the treatment should activate the metabolism, curb hunger and boost fat burning, all without the yo-yo effect. Reasons enough to really get into the Almased experience.

Experiences with Almased

Depending on how quickly you want to lose weight, with the Almased diet you choose the emergency plan or the long-term program with four phases (starting phase, reduction phase, stability phase and life phase).

I opt for the long-term program in four phases. Can’t be difficult, everything seems easy. The cans are there, as is the information brochure with recipes.

The starting phase

There is no preparation like when fasting, the manufacturer only recommends buying an additional product for healthy intestinal flora and an alkaline product against hyperacidity. But I’ll leave this one out for now – and I’ll regret that later.

On the first three days there is a shake three times a day and twice a homemade broth.

It couldn’t be easier: dissolve five heaped tablespoons of protein powder in water, add two teaspoons of high-quality oil, stir, drink, done. Unfortunately it doesn’t taste that great.

The neutral soy taste works, but the consistency takes some getting used to. Slightly sticky in the mouth, the oil doesn’t bind with the shake and floats in small bubbles on top of the glass.

It takes a lot of effort – suddenly I understand why people in various nutrition forums describe their Almased experiences as unpleasant and gave up.

But I want to get used to it, after all I have a goal in mind! The next shake slips better.

The reduction phase

Next hurdle: I’m hungry! The brochure states that you can get through the day four to six hours full and in a good mood. My stomach growls in the first two days from noon, so I’m grumpy.

The only highlight is the vegetable broth. But I should have cooked them in advance – I find it difficult to throw away the delicious vegetables I used to make the broth and not eat them up right away. ok my problem Planning would have been better.

Another finding: only drinking food has an extremely “driving” effect. I spend more time on the toilet than at my desk. That’s a good thing, the colleagues annoy you with delicious sweets and conversations about food.

Only from the third day does the hunger subside a little, I have come to terms with the shake – it serves a good cause. I have a lot more energy and look forward to eating a light meal again starting tomorrow.

And the number on the scale is motivating, after three days 1.7 kg are already down – even if that is probably mostly water.

3 kilos down – in just 10 days

It continues with positive experiences: In the reduction phase I am allowed to eat a warm meal. Light, vegetable-heavy and low-carb.

I can live better with that, but I only eat about 800 to 900 calories a day and that’s not enough. If I get hungry now, I eat a little something – even if snacking between meals is expressly undesirable.

The weight loss still works because fat burning is boosted.

Depending on the target weight, the reduction phase can last several weeks. Luckily for me it’s over after ten days, three kilos are down.

But: It requires a lot of perseverance to get out of all dinner invitations, parties or even just the normal family dinner in such a way that the program works.

Temptations lurk around every corner. Above all, I miss fresh fruit, which you should avoid during the entire diet phase because of the high fructose content. And I sleep badly – but I know that when my metabolism is pushed.

Important practical tip for the Almased diet

After a while I understood why an intestinal remedy makes sense during an Almased cure: The protein shake drives out water, but – after the first purification phase – has a constipating effect. Flea seeds helped me, you can also try flaxseed or a glass of sauerkraut juice.

Or buy the product offered by Almased together with the protein powder. And you need exercise to keep the intestinal peristalsis busy: going for a walk or a workout every day is the best support for the weight loss diet.

The stabilization phase

Two meals and a protein shake – I’m going into the stabilization phase. Now the metabolism should keep going. Unfortunately, I’m weak: Cooking twice a day is difficult to integrate into the everyday life of a working person.

Because I already see my goal, I eat normally again, skip the shake – and promptly gain weight again. Aggravating! I throw in the towel.

It’s my fault, you have to persevere to lose weight sustainably. Next time I’ll try it with more suffering – just in time for the bikini figure! Because I now know that the emergency plan works so that I can get results quickly.

Pro: If you are consistent, you will quickly see success at the beginning. The Almased shake is good for shedding a few pounds quickly. The preparation is uncomplicated.

Thanks to the high protein content, plenty of mineral water, a healthy mix of amino acids, vitamins and minerals plus high-quality fats, you can even stay fit.

Cons: Sticking to this diet requires a lot of willpower and even more perseverance. If you want to avoid the yo-yo effect, you have to keep at it and not fall back into old eating patterns. Some recipes are time consuming.

In addition, it gets expensive in the long run: A can (500 grams/10 meals) costs around €22 in the pharmacy, BasenCitrate Pur (216 grams) for a balanced acid-base balance around €15, UK intestinal flora capsules (20 pieces ) for 10 €.

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