Almased: Lose Weight With The Shake Diet

Lose weight with Almased: Everything about the effects and ingredients of the diet shakes and how the 4-phase principle works. Plus: what happens after the diet?

It is still the most popular among the formula diets: Almased. And you probably know the commercial with the slim woman in a yellow bikini happily hopping across the beach, don’t you?

The Almased diet promises that you can lose weight quickly and easily with it – without any yo-yo effect.

And indeed: the powder is the most commonly used means of weight loss in Germany. But does it keep what it promises?

The principle of Almased

Shake it, Baby: The Almased Diet promises to lose weight without starving you. Meals are replaced by protein-rich shakes that are intended to keep you full for a long time and curb cravings. How many meals are replaced with the powder depends on what you want to achieve.

On the one hand, Almased offers the 4-phase program, in which all meals are initially replaced with a shake, which then gradually gives way to “solid” dishes.

The bikini emergency plan is the SOS program for everyone who wants to lose a few pounds two weeks before their vacation. Almased also offers a diabetic and fasting plan.

This is how the shake works

Due to a low glycemic index, blood sugar is hardly affected, and the insulin response is correspondingly moderate after drinking the protein shake. These are favorable conditions for satiety control, blood sugar regulation and fat burning.

In addition, the total calorie intake is drastically reduced on the Almased diet compared to a “normal” diet. So if you stick to the Almased plan, you will definitely lose weight.

Due to the high protein content of Almased, the muscle breakdown that occurs during fasting and strict dieting is avoided. A clinical study with the protein drink showed that there is no degradation of muscle protein.

Our colleague Anke tested the Almased shake: Read her Almased experience report with practical tips.

The phases of Almased: long-term program vs. contingency plan

Which Almased program is right for you depends on what you want to achieve.

The plan diet, the long-term program, is structured in such a way that you lose weight in a healthy way and then do not gain weight again. The Contingency Plan is designed for fast and effective weight loss and takes only two weeks to complete.

Plan Diet: The Four Phases of the Almased Diet

Almased’s long-term program is designed to help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. That means: A healthy start to an easier life. The diet is divided into four phases:

Starting phase: At the beginning of the program, the body is “prepared” for the upcoming change in diet and weight loss by drinking fasting and all meals are replaced with an Almased drink. There are three shakes per day, vegetable broth is also allowed. The start-up phase lasts three to seven days.

Reduction phase: Now it’s time to lose weight. In the reduction phase, there is almased in the morning and in the evening, but lunch is replaced by a meal. In addition, a little fruit may be nibbled and the use of fruit in the preparation of the shakes is also permitted. The second phase can be extended until the desired weight is reached. It is important that your meal is rich in vitamins and also provides all essential nutrients.

Stabilization phase: During the third phase, only one meal is replaced with a shake so that the new weight can be maintained. This phase also helps you to prevent the yo-yo effect. Almased recommends drinking the shake in the evening.

Life phase: Losing weight is now over, but the yo-yo effect should be prevented. This should work by integrating Almased into your diet in addition to three healthy meals, for example as a shake in between or as an addition to your yoghurt or muesli.

Bikini Contingency Plan: Two weeks Almased

The goal: quickly lose a few annoying kilos. With the emergency plan, you replace all meals with a shake for a week, and you can also sip up to a liter of vegetable broth.

From the second week, lunch is replaced with a light meal: salad and vegetables with lean meat or fish.

Ingredients: This is what’s in an Almased shake

Almased consists of soy, skimmed milk yoghurt powder and honey. The soy protein contained in the powder is a high-quality source of protein that is readily available to the body.

The biological value of the amino acids is further strengthened by the yoghurt powder. Honey gives the shake a sweet taste. Due to the ingredients, the shake also contains a number of vitamins and minerals.

How is the shake prepared?

The powder is prepared with water and a high-quality oil – this allows the body to optimally absorb the nutrients. How much powder you use per shake depends on your height. Almased recommends as a rule of thumb: height in cm – 100 = grams of Almased powder per meal.

The powder is mixed with water and two tablespoons of walnut, linseed or rapeseed oil and can then be drunk immediately. This classic shake can also be refined with herbs or lemon juice.

From the second phase you can also add fruit or baking cocoa to a shake.

Does losing weight work with Almased?

Clearly: You can lose weight with Almased, by replacing meals you save a lot of calories. A regimen with Almased is a simple method of efficiently losing weight by positively influencing the metabolism.

Almased can be an important entry and motivational aid when losing weight.

Why diet with Almased?

Studies that deal with diet success have shown that diets with an increased protein intake (e.g. through foods containing protein) are more successful due to the high feeling of satiety and that the weight loss consists of a larger proportion of fatty tissue.

Due to the high calorie deficit in the first two phases, success in losing weight is guaranteed.

The preparation of the shakes is also super quick, which saves you time when cooking.

What speaks against an Almased diet?

If you replace three meals with the Almased shake – in the particularly intensive, time-limited start phase – you take in 930 kcal, around 100 g protein and only 75 g carbohydrates daily. An increased protein content in the weight loss phase is desirable. Although it is above the usual nutritional recommendations, it is still within the range of a health-safe intake of 0.8 to 2.0 g protein per kg body weight.

Secondary plant substances, vitamins and minerals are best available for our body from fresh food. Depending on how long the reduction phase lasts, you eat mainly protein shakes. With just one meal a day, it’s difficult to get all of the essential nutrients your body needs.

For all fans of cooking and lovers of good taste, the diet is difficult.

And as with any diet, integrating the shakes into everyday life can be critical. Slurping down an Almased diet on dates while the others enjoy pizza and pasta? No thank you!

What Happens After an Almased Diet?

The goal of the plan diet is to lose weight – but also to keep it off afterwards. The meal replacement shakes are designed to help develop healthy eating habits. And that is the crux of the matter, as with all other diets: no weight loss in the world will do anything if fast food and the like are eaten again after the diet.

That’s why it’s important to eat three healthy meals after the diet – with lots of vegetables, complex carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats. But if you do go overboard, don’t panic. For example, you can replace dinner with a protein shake the next day – and thus make up for your slip-up quite well.

Nevertheless, this should of course not become the norm. If you continue to eat a balanced diet and exercise, you will be able to maintain your weight without weight loss shakes.

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