Animal Lovers on a Note: The Most Effective Way to Clean Clothes from Wool Was Named

Those who have a cat or a dog at home know very well that hair on clothes is an eternal problem, with which you can long and completely unsuccessfully fight. The problem is not that clothes need to be cleaned often, but that sometimes you notice traces of your pet on your pants or sweater just minutes before you leave the house when there is no time to change.

There is no single answer on how best to clean clothes from wool because it all depends on the type of fabric that needs cleaning, and the type of fur of the pet. However, there are a few really effective ways to deal with hair that will help you clean up quickly and effectively.

How to remove dog hair from your clothes – sticky roller

If you don’t know how to remove hair from your clothes, start with the easiest one – buy a sticky roller. This option for cleaning your clothes is fast, easy, and effective enough. The only disadvantage of this method is that the sticky tape on the roller runs out quite quickly, and from time to time you will have to replenish its supply.

How to remove hair from clothes at home – wet sponge

If you urgently need to leave the house, and the pet has managed to lie on your sweater – the situation can be saved by an ordinary dishwashing sponge. This is the easiest and most budget-friendly option, but for cleaning to be more effective, the sponge should definitely be moistened with a little water. Depending on the type of fabric you will be cleaning, you can use either the soft or hard part of the sponge.

The main condition is that the sponge must be new and perfectly clean. Use a sponge that you have already washed dishes with, categorically not, as it may have left traces of grease – so you not only do not clean clothes but also add to the traces of grease stains.

How to remove cat hair from clothes – vacuuming

This is a fairly popular method of cleaning for those who have long-haired animals living at home. Long and thick hair with an ordinary sponge to remove from a coat or jacket is very difficult, especially during the molting period.

And for owners of several long-haired pets, the question of how best to clean clothes from hair becomes a real headache. In this case, the vacuum cleaner serves as heavy artillery.

However, please note that the vacuum cleaner though quick, but not the most effective means of cleaning. The fact is that the quality of cleaning wool will depend on the degree of hardness of the brush you will use and the power of the vacuum cleaner’s motor. You will not be able to remove hair from your clothes with a plastic vacuum cleaner nozzle. Sure, you will get some of the hair out, but the fine hairs will stay on your clothes, and you must use a sticky roller or wet sponge after vacuuming.

How to remove hair from clothes with a razor – a tip hook

This is a fairly simple but time-consuming method because it requires a lot more time than a sponge and roller. Cleaning clothes with a razor is suitable for those who do not know how to remove dog hair from clothes, as they have recently got a pet and have not yet found the ideal option that fits a particular coat.

Keep in mind, however, that cleaning clothes with a razor have both pros and cons. The plus side is that along with the wool, you will remove lint from the clothes. But a serious disadvantage is that the razor can not be used on all types of fabric, in addition, cleaning clothes with a razor is quite a long process.

Is it possible to remove wool from clothing without improvised means – tips

If you have at hand neither brushes, sticky rollers, nor a vacuum cleaner, and you notice on yourself the traces of a pet – use plain water.

With wet hands, you will be able to remove the hair from your clothes. But be careful, because if you overdo it, you will not only clean the clothes but also pretty wet them.

How to get rid of wool in the wash – recommendations

The easiest and most effective way is to use wet wipes. Load the drum of your washing machine with dirty things, put two or three wet wipes there, and turn on the washing mode. The wipes will scrape all the cat hair from your clothes.

Another way to wash clothes from wool is to use special “velcro” wipes. These products are designed specifically for cleaning clothes from animal hair in the laundry. The method is not the cheapest, but quite effective.

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