Apple Cider Vinegar: The Benefits and 7 Uses in The Home

Apple cider vinegar is a dark yellow or brown, completely natural substance. It is made from apples, which release carbon dioxide and acid during fermentation. The taste of the product is sharp and the smell is sour. In the early stages of fermentation, you can get a familiar beverage – cider, but the further process turns a light cocktail into vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar – culinary applications

Such a product is well suited for fish, vegetable, or meat dishes. It can be used as a marinade or added to sauces or condiments. By the way, mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise contain apple cider vinegar. If we consider only meat and fish products, apple cider vinegar extends its shelf life, softens carcasses, and helps make meat more tender.

By using apple cider vinegar for salads or dishes with legumes, you guarantee easier digestion of such products. This is because of the product’s amazing property of speeding up the metabolism. Housewives add apple cider vinegar to dough to remove the excessive sweetness of future baked goods, as well as often resort to the help of this product to preserve vegetables and fruits for the winter.

How can I use apple cider vinegar at home?

It is known that vinegar has two main effects: cleansing and disinfecting. That is why its use in the home is justified – you can clean anything. Most often, apple cider vinegar is used to wash:

  • windows, window sills, cornices;
  • tile;
  • kitchen appliances;
  • floor;
  • plumbing.

Apple cider vinegar and baking soda are the perfect tandem for cleaning sewer pipes. We mentioned this when we told you how to clean the sink in the kitchen or bathroom.

Combat mold

Apple cider vinegar is excellent for dealing with fungal infestations, especially when it comes to the bathroom. If you find fungus in a room where the humidity level is high, spray vinegar on the problem areas – you do not need to dilute it, you can wash it off after 30-60 minutes.

Eliminating unpleasant odors

The cause of far-from floral aromas in the apartment can be anything – pets, smoking, sewage, or any other factor. To eliminate unpleasant odors, fill a bottle with apple cider vinegar and spray through a sprayer. The sour smell will quickly disappear, but the scent will be like an expensive freshener.

Cleaning the washing machine

Limescale, rust, or mold – uninvited guests that come to even the most responsible housewives. In order to clean your appliances, you don’t need to buy premium chemicals.

Pour the powder into the compartment designed for this purpose, and pour the vinegar into the conditioner compartment. Put the machine on the fast wash mode, and most importantly – do not fill it with things.

Get rid of limescale and tea marks.

If you often brew a hot leafy beverage in a teapot, sooner or later its walls will turn brown. To wash with a dishwashing detergent all this splendor is not always possible – apple cider vinegar comes to the rescue. It should be mixed with baking soda to form a thick pulp and applied to the walls of the vessel. After a few minutes, rinse with warm water.

In the same way, you can get rid of scale – use 0.5 cups of vinegar per 1 liter of water, and boil the kettle with these ingredients for 3-5 minutes. Then you can rinse a few times with water and that’s it – the kettle is as good as new.

Against Bedbugs

Those people who have at least once encountered an unpleasant neighborhood, know exactly how difficult it is to expel such insects. Before calling specialists, try to get rid of pests yourself.

You need to treat all surfaces – floor, cabinets, baseboards, armchairs, bed, and bedclothes – with a concentrated product. All those items in which bed bugs live or theoretically can be. Take into account that apple cider vinegar does not kill the insects, but repels them, so you will have to fight them for about 6 months – this is a minus. On the plus side, vinegar is safer than the chemicals used by fumigation services.

Apple cider vinegar – is used in cosmetology

The use of such a product for cosmetic purposes is approved by experts with a correction – you need to be careful not to get burned face. Apple cider vinegar has several important properties:

  • tones;
  • cleanses;
  • lightens;
  • gets rid of rashes.

Three ways to use vinegar for self-care:

First method: wash your face before going to bed, clean your skin, take a cotton pad, soak it in apple cider vinegar, and wipe your face. Do this for 7 days, and on the last day apply an additional scrub and cream. Apple cider vinegar peeling can be repeated no earlier than a month.

The second method: dissolve one spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, and you can add chamomile leaves. Infuse for a week, and then rub the face every morning. Such a lotion will help to quickly get rid of acne and narrow pores.

Third method: take 1 tsp of melted honey, 1 tbsp of oat flour, and 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Mix until smooth, apply the mixture to your face, and keep it on for 15 minutes. The mask is effective against blackheads and blackheads.

Cosmetologists warn that you should not get carried away with such products so as not to cause allergies, but if your skin reacts calmly and you approach the process wisely – use the gifts of nature for your own good.

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Written by Emma Miller

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