Beach Bag or Mat Out of Old Towels: 7 Unique iIdeas

In every housewife’s house there are towels that can no longer be used for their intended purpose, and it’s a pity to throw them away. This is a great way to help because you can use a terry cloth to make a lot of things you need in everyday life.

What you can sew from old towels – a list

Unfortunately, due to frequent washing, towels quickly wear out, even those made of incredibly high-quality materials. Do not rush to throw them away – such terry products may well last a long time, but in an updated form.

Bath mat

Take one or several towels, if you want a colorful and bright decorative element. Cut the fabric into strips of 6-8 cm, then weave a pigtail of 3 pieces of all the strips, roll them into a circle, and sew them together with threads. A simpler variant is to simply sew the strips together in several layers.

Homemade Slippers

If you use this option, you can “kill two birds with one stone”. Take your old house slippers and sew terry cloth around them. It is desirable to additionally use batting, put it between the terry cloth and slippers to end up with softer shoes.

Shower sponge

This eco-friendly washcloth will take a long time to dry, but you won’t have to spend money on it. Use an old towel and some other heavy stuff to line the washcloth with and make a handle for the shower towel. Stitch the terry lining, sew on the handle and the practical sponge is ready.

Beach Bag

In order to go to the beach or the river, you do not need to pick up expensive bags – an ordinary beach bag is quite suitable. You can use several towels to make the product more original. Cut appropriate size rectangles and strips from the fabric and make handles from them. Sew them together, adhering to the shape of the bag you want.

Mop pad

Modern mops are sold already with nozzles for cleaning floors, or you can buy them separately. But why waste money when you can avoid it? Take an old towel, cut a large rectangle from it, sew on the buttons and make holes for them. Be careful that the size of the new rag fits the size of the mop.


Another option is a practical bathroom organizer that can be hung on the door. Old towel in this case, fold in half and sew the parts together, sew pockets on the outer part, and on top – a fabric strip, for which you will fasten the product itself.

Pet bedding

One of the most practical ways to use a terry towel that you don’t use it as a bed for your cat or dog. You don’t even have to do anything with it – just lay it in the pet’s cabin. Given that animals love warmth and comfort, they won’t care how much the bedding costs or who makes it.

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