Brigitte Diet: How Well Does The Weight Loss Classic Work?

Popular for years and an integral part of diet history: the Brigitte diet.

Brigitte diet: principle

People who want to lose weight are best advised to pick up a diet book from the Brigitte book series. There are now quite a few of them, because the Brigitte diet experts have constantly refined their successful recipes. The current hit is a low-fat diet variant in which users no longer have to count calories. Instead, the fat content is given for each recipe – adjusted for one person. Fruit, salad, whole grains and low-fat dairy products are on the menu every day, ensuring variety and a balanced diet. Another plus: the ingredients are not exotic, you can get them in any supermarket. However, you should be prepared to give up alcohol completely. Rather, drink water, juices and teas. The authors also recommend a gentle exercise program.

Brigitte diet: practicability

The Brigitte diet is characterized by a high degree of suitability for everyday use. Clear shopping and stock lists, easy-to-follow recipes and “kitchen tricks” – everything has been thought of. The slimming diet is therefore also ideal for the whole family. There is no need for complicated calorie counting – you simply stick to the precisely calculated recipes. Another plus: The daily plans are clearly structured and the dishes are varied. The ingredients with their balanced carbohydrate, protein and fat ratio belong on every shopping list even after the diet is over. You only need to reduce the high-fat foods.

Brigitte diet: calories

between 1000 and 1300 kcal per day

Brigitte diet: duration

Recipes for 14 days each, which can be repeated as often as you like

Brigitte diet: overall verdict

There is a reason why the Brigitte diet is so well known and popular: the use of nutrient-rich foods and the practical tips for shopping and preparation create a learning effect for permanently healthy cooking. Due to the balanced diet, there are no health risks when used for a limited period of time. The variety on the plate gives the Diät frustration no chance, but can be rather the key to a better, healthier nutrition. Our criticism: The calorie content is too low in the long run to cover all the necessary nutrients. And also the movement comes somewhat too briefly. It would therefore be better to have a variant with a proportion of 1200 to 1600 kilocalories, especially if you do sports and/or do something for your fitness. Then the pounds will not fall quickly, but steadily.

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