Calorie Killer HIIT Workout: Intensive Home Workout For Beginners And Professionals

With HIIT you burn a lot of calories in a short time. The workout is not only suitable for people with little time: It is also optimal to keep fit at home.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT for short) relies on high-intensity workouts alternating with short rest periods to maximize calorie burn and cardiorespiratory fitness – in half the time of an ordinary cardio workout.

Cardiorespiratory fitness tells how well the respiratory and circulatory systems are able to supply the body with oxygen.

As short as this workout may be, sometimes there’s still not enough time to go to the gym. Or you just don’t feel like investing time and money in the gym.

That’s where HIIT comes in handy! The online platform ‘Insider’ asked three fitness experts which HIIT workouts they do to keep fit or get in shape.

  • The P.A.U.L method

Certified personal trainer Dani Singer developed the P.A.U.L Method for people who want a quick 10-minute workout at home. Here’s how it works:

Choose one exercise for each of the following four categories:

  1. P – Plyometric Cardio (e.g. Jumping Jacks).
  2. A – Abs (e.g. Plank)
  3. U – Upper Body (e.g. Push-Ups)
  4. L – Lower Body (e.g. Squats)2
  • Set a timer to beep every 30 seconds (alternatively, an online interval timer will work).
  • Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, switching exercises each time you hear the timer beep.
  • After you’ve done all four exercises, rest for 30 seconds and then start over until you reach the 10 minutes.

Tip: For maximum effect, we recommend you complete three rounds, bringing your workout total to 30 minutes.

HIIT workout for beginners and advanced athletes

Geoff Tripp, also a certified personal trainer, prefers a different form of High-Intensity Interval Training at home.

His favorite is a workout with variable numbers of repetitions, suitable for both beginners and advanced exercisers.

These five exercises are his secret weapon – depending on your level, you’ll perform fewer or more reps:

  1. Jumping Jacks: 20 or 40 repetitions
  2. Squats: 10 or 20 repetitions
  3. Push-Ups: 10 or 20 seconds
  4. Plank Hold: 30 or 40 seconds
  5. Single-Leg Glute Bridge: 5 or 10 reps per leg

Tip: Those just starting out can stick with the lower number of reps, while more advanced exercisers can opt for the higher number.

Complete the routine three times with a 30-second rest between rounds.

The 3-Exercise HIIT Miracle

Fitness expert Dempsey Marks has created an at-home HIIT workout that takes no more than ten minutes to complete.

It’s best to set a timer to time it. Until the alarm goes off, the fitness coach says you should repeat this series of exercises as many times as possible:

  • 40 Speed Skaters

Feet hip-width apart. From the center, jump alternately to right (landing on right foot, left leg crossed diagonally behind) and left (landing on left foot, right leg crossed diagonally). Arms swing along.

  • 10 Burpees

Stand hip-width apart, get into a squat position, and place hands on the floor shoulder-width apart from feet. Jump back and land in a plank. Go into push-ups and place them on the floor. Push up, back to hands, and jump up into the air. Return to squat and repeat the sequence.

  • 15 Leg and Hip Lifts

Supine position, your hands are under your hips. Press your lower back into the floor and move your legs up and down. Keep legs straight and ankles close together. Return to starting position. While doing this, press your heels straight up as if you were trying to immortalize your footprint on the ceiling.

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