Can I Keep Walnuts in the Fridge: How to Protect the Product From Spoiling

Walnuts are a popular product that many people stock up on. The shelf life of such walnuts is 2 years, subject to certain conditions. The main requirement is the absence of direct sunlight and sudden changes in temperature.

How and where to store peeled walnuts – recommendations

Peeled walnuts are advised for those who want to save space in storage. Nuts should be dried in a microwave oven at 100-150 ° C for 10 minutes to disinfect them. The peeled nuts are best stored in a tightly sealed container – a glass jar or plastic container. In this form, the peeled nuts can be stored for about 12 months.

If you are wondering whether you can store walnuts in the refrigerator, then unequivocally – yes, you can. Kernels must be freed from the shell and pack the nuts in Ziploc bags. As an alternative, any plastic container with a tightly closing lid will do. In this form, the walnuts can be kept in the fridge for 4-5 months, and in the freezer – for 1 year.

Where and how long walnuts in the shells can be stored

Walnuts can not be peeled at all – they store perfectly and in their natural form. Before you send the walnuts to storage, they should be washed thoroughly and placed on a tray in an oven – this way you will be able to dry the walnuts and decontaminate them. Without drying the nuts will be stored worse – excessive moisture or unsuitable conditions will cause the product to spoil and rot.

The ideal container for storing nuts in their shells is insulated crates or shelves in the pantry. The main thing is to ensure that the nuts have good ventilation and no direct sunlight. Walnuts can also be stored in plastic containers and canvas bags. Shelf life in this form is 2 years.

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