Can You Eat Old Honey Without Harming Your Health: You’d be Surprised

Honey is a product that many hostesses have in their kitchens. But it often happens that a jar with this useful and tasty delicacy is somewhere in a far corner for a long time. What to do with such honey, is it possible to eat it, and how to understand that honey has gone bad?

How long does honey in a jar – the nuances of long-term storage

So, let’s figure out what happens to honey if you store it for a long time. Over time, honey begins to harden and change color. Depending on the variety, honey begins to crystallize at different times after it is pumped. For example, sunflower honey begins to thicken after literally a month.

With prolonged storage, honey darkens, and its useful properties volatilize. Consequently, old honey can be eaten, but it will no longer be useful.

The question of how long honey is stored in a jar is difficult to answer. This depends on the type of honey, the storage temperature, and the container in which it is stored. In general, honey can be stored for a very long time, but there are cases where it can go bad.

How to know if your honey has gone bad – the main sign

If your honey is covered with a foam on top and has an unpleasant and even sour smell – then it is fermented. You can’t eat that kind of honey.

What you can use old honey for so you don’t have to throw it away

If you are the lucky owner of a jar of honey, which has been stored for more than a year, then it is best to make something with it. For example, Shiki with honey and poppy seeds or any other pastries. A dish with the addition of old honey will turn out as delicious and fragrant as with fresh honey.

Tip. If the honey has become too hard and hard to get out of the jar – simply heat it in a water bath or put it in a basin of hot water. The honey will warm up and become pourable again.

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Written by Emma Miller

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