Caring for Berries in September: When and How Best to Prune Raspberries

Experienced gardeners and gardeners know that timely and high-quality pruning of raspberries is a guarantee of a good harvest the next year. That’s why it is necessary to carry out such a procedure in September.

Why prune raspberries – rules and tips

Pruning the tops of bush raspberries – is not a whim, but a necessity, which is justified in several cases:

  • getting rid of insects – by autumn there are too many of them and, if they are not removed, the pests will go down into the soil and overwinter there;
  • thinning the bush – young shoots reduce the quality of berries and complicate the care of raspberries;
  • improving the quality of the harvest – if the plant does not have extra shoots, it will give all its strength to the berries.

In September, it is possible to prune both regular and remontant raspberries – only the technique and timing differences.

What can be the pruning of raspberries in autumn – types

Indiscriminate pruning of the raspberry is not necessary – for beginners have long developed proven schemes to simplify the process of care for the bush and not harm him:

  • normal pruning – remove both the ground and the root part of the young crop, which has not had time to harden;
  • formative pruning – we do not touch the main stem of the bush, and completely remove the young shoots;
  • sanitary pruning – get rid of all damaged and withered shoots.

Pruning of remontant raspberries in the autumn is different – immediately after the last harvest is taken. In this case, it is necessary to remove all fruit-bearing shoots older than two years (under the root) and shoots of the current year (by 20-25 cm). After pruning, it is recommended to treat the bush with Bordeaux liquid.

Pruning raspberries in autumn – to what height to cut

First of all, raspberry pruning is necessary to form a healthy and strong bush, for this purpose, remove excessive shoots. The formation of the bush lasts for two years, and at each time the procedure is different:

  • in the first year – unnecessary shoots are removed, and we leave the strongest, from them, we cut off the top to 20-25 cm and all the shoots on the sides;
  • In the second year – we shorten the main stems to the first developed bud, and we remove only weak tops from lateral shoots.

In addition to following the correct technology of raspberry pruning, it is also important to focus on the lunar calendar and know when you can and can not care for bushes.

Favorable days for raspberry pruning in September 2022 – from 11 to 24, especially on September 19 and 25, and unfavorable – from 26 to 30 September.

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