Checklist: How Do I Recognize A Good Diet?

Everyone knows that crash diets are unhealthy and don’t last long. But how do you recognize the best diet? We have the checklist with the most important criteria.

The slimming market is hotly contested: everyone claims to have the best diet on offer. Promises like 7 kilos in 7 days are not uncommon.

Typical messages from dubious providers do not make you slim but promote the yo-yo effect. But how do you recognize the best diet and how do you expose unhealthy crash diets?

Here is our checklist. Just go through them point by point. If one or more of these points apply to your weight loss program, it’s better to keep your hands off.

The checklist for your diet

  1. The daily energy intake is less than 1200 kilocalories – which can quickly lead to a nutrient deficiency!
  2. A loss of weight is promised in a very short period of time – for example, “slim by the wedding” or “slim by the party”. Such diets promote the yo-yo effect.
  3. The choice of food is unbalanced, one-sided, or certain combinations are forbidden – for example the pineapple diet.
  4. The diet is linked to the purchase of food supplements – this can quickly become very expensive and is possibly intended to prevent a nutrient deficiency.
  5. There is talk of negative calories and fat burners – the effect of such foods is negligible.
  6. A weight reduction of more than one kilogram per week is promised – only slow weight loss is sustainable.
  7. It is advertised with testimonials from formerly overweight people (e.g. with before/after pictures) – such pictures and reports can be manipulated.
  8. The implementation is associated with high costs. You have to sign a contract – that doesn’t have to be a sign of dubiousness, food coaches also charge quite high fees, but check very carefully what services you receive!
  9. There is a cost associated with the diet and you cannot check the offer beforehand – like with certain online offers.
  10. A guarantee of success is promised – the success of a diet depends solely on you!
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Written by Bella Adams

I'm a professionally-trained, executive chef with over ten years in Restaurant Culinary and hospitality management. Experienced in specialized diets, including Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw foods, whole food, plant-based, allergy-friendly, farm-to-table, and more. Outside of the kitchen, I write about lifestyle factors that impact well-being.

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