Clay Diet: That’s Why It’s So Dangerous.

To lose weight fast, drink clay or take it in tablet form. Beware, the diet burner from the USA carries high risks to health!

Lose weight quickly and easily – anyone who beckons with this promise is soon surrounded by any number of interested parties. But many diets have side effects and pose health risks. Currently, it’s not just Hollywood’s weight loss enthusiasts who are raving about the miracle substance clay. But there are some ingredients in it that you would definitely not take voluntarily.

Clay diet: detox or poison?

What makes the clay diet so popular are two promises: first, the clay drunk or taken in tablet form is supposed to swell further in the stomach and thus give the body a feeling of satiety so that the sensation of hunger is suppressed; second, the clay is supposed to bind toxic substances from the metabolism and thus become part of a detoxification cure. In America, the procedure is therefore also known as Clay Cleanse. But is this true at all?

In fact, the clay itself can contain highly toxic ingredients, such as arsenic. Brain and nerve damage, kidney failure, or cancer could be the result. Harmful lead has been discovered in other products.

The clay cure uses bentonite mined in the U.S. and China, which actually acts like a sponge and can bind pollutants; however, the volcanic earth also absorbs many vital substances that would be better left in the body – iron, and potassium, for example. And even though it is advertised that bentonite contains magnesium, calcium, and iron, this is of precious little use to consumers, as these trace elements remain in the clay.

Clay diet: enemas for digestion

Our bodies are certainly not made to process large amounts of clay. In tablet form, the bentonite, which can swell to twelve times its original volume, is mixed with psyllium husks, for example, to stimulate digestion. In fact, however, it may be necessary to take an enema several times a week or even daily to enable elimination.

Those who still want to take this horse cure on themselves must expect to become anemic because the clay extracts iron from the body. This anemia manifests itself in pallor, feelings of weakness, and lack of concentration. Not to mention possible long-term consequences.

Prominent fans of the clay diet

Before the advent of the trendy diet, bentonite was often used for another purpose where its absorbency is an advantage: cat litter. Well, still hungry for the detox diet? It is also used for face masks to absorb excess fat from the skin.

That couldn’t stop supermodel Elle Macpherson or actress Zoë Kravitz from trying out the magic clay on their own bodies to lose a few more grams. The latter, however, is said to have been less than enthusiastic about the experience.

Meanwhile, the clay diet is a million-dollar business that promises quick weight loss without hunger. If you don’t want to fall into the yo-yo trap, however, it’s still better to get plenty of exercise and eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein, and fiber. This is healthier and brings you permanently closer to the dream figure!

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Written by Bella Adams

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