Coffee Maker or a Pressure Cooker: What’s the Best Way to Make Coffee

Much of the taste of coffee depends on the way it is made and the time spent. Let’s find out what’s the best way to make coffee.

What’s better – a coffee maker or a pressure cooker?

Choose a special decanter or ladle (cup for brewing coffee). But for the drink to be rich and not spoil your day, grind the beans just before brewing.

How to make coffee in a pressure cooker

You should make coffee in a pot until the coffee starts to boil. Reduce the heat on the stove until the crema appears. But it is better not to damage the crema, to preserve its fragrance.

For a more invigorating drink – add a little cold water. For settling the grounds it is better to knock on the brewer with a teaspoon immediately after brewing.

What’s the best coffee maker for coffee?

Instead of a pressure cooker, many people choose a geyser coffee maker, the very thing for brewing coffee. The essence of its work is steam – boiling water under natural pressure rises to the strainer with beans: the water is saturated with coffee flavor and collected in the upper compartment.

The Geyser coffee maker is recognizable by the characteristic ribbed vessel in the shape of an hourglass. On average (depending on the model) holds up to 12 cups.

Geyser Coffee Maker – How to brew

Unlike a turkey, brewing coffee in a geyser coffee maker consists of only three steps. First, you need to pour cold water into the lower compartment, then – put the device on the stove and wait for the water to boil.

In this case, you do not need to constantly monitor the process, because there is no risk that the coffee will “run away”. In addition, the coffee maker will notify you when the drink is ready.

Separately worth mentioning is a useful way to make coffee in a coffee machine. To make espresso, for example, you need to grind the beans in advance (too fine grinding will give the coffee an unpleasant bitterness), then press them “Holder” to form a “pill”. Then set the “Holder” itself in the group and turn on the water pouring. If all recommendations are followed, extraction takes no more than 30 seconds.

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