Cooking Mimosa Salad Right: The Best Restaurant Recipes

Mimosa salad is a unique dish that can decorate any holiday table. The uniqueness of this salad lies in the availability of ingredients and ease of preparation. However, if you know some subtleties, even a simple salad can be made a masterpiece.

Mimosa salad is a delicious dish familiar to most of us since childhood. Housewives fell in love with this salad for the simplicity and unpretentiousness of the recipe. But, as the chefs say, there are no simple dishes. Each dish has its own secrets and nuances, knowing which you will prepare a true restaurant treat.

Mimosa” salad: how to cook it well

The secret to a perfect “Mimosa” salad is the obligatory mayonnaise netting on each layer. Don’t skimp on the mayonnaise. The fatter your mayonnaise will be, the more delicate and rich flavor the salad will have. If you have time – make homemade mayonnaise. In this case, the taste of your salad will only improve.

Another important condition for a tasty salad is quality fish. Do not use cheap canned fish, especially do not use canned fish with an expiration date. Poor-quality fish not only spoils the taste of the dish but can also undermine your health.

Salad “Mimosa” how to improve the taste

Improving the taste of the salad is easier than it may seem at first glance. Take a few cloves of garlic, and pass it through a press. Add finely chopped dill and 150-200 ml. mayonnaise to the garlic. Mix the ingredients well and place the garlic mayonnaise in a piping bag. This mayonnaise will give your salad a richer flavor.

You can also enhance the flavor of the salad by adding a layer of cream cheese. Soft cheese will give the salad a nice tender taste. In addition, note that the vegetables for the salad are better baked in the oven or microwave. A salad with baked vegetables is much tastier than with boiled ones.

You can also make a Mimosa salad with rice and tuna. Both of these ingredients go well with boiled eggs and mayonnaise. The dish will turn out tender and very tasty.

What kind of fish to put in the salad “Mimosa”

If you do not know what kind of fish to put in the salad “Mimosa” – buy those canned foods that are loved by your family. Traditionally for the preparation of this salad use sardines in oil, saury, cod liver, or humpback salmon. Mandatory condition – canned fish must be in oil, but in no case not in tomato sauce.

Traditionally, only canned fish is used for this salad. Boiled, fried, or smoked fish is not used. This will also be delicious, but it will no longer be a “Mimosa”.

As for salted fish, you can use lightly salted salmon. Of course, this is a more expensive option, but it is worth it.

How many days can you keep the salad “Mimosa” in the refrigerator

“Mimosa” is a multi-layered salad, in the preparation of which each layer is drenched with mayonnaise. Unlike salads, in which mayonnaise can be added immediately before serving, in “Mimosas” mayonnaise is added immediately. That’s why this salad can’t be kept in the fridge for more than a day. The optimal storage time is no more than 12 hours.

How many calories are in the salad “Mimosa”

The caloric value of the salad will depend on the fat content of the mayonnaise, on what kind of fish you use, and what ingredients went into your dish. A dish with cheese, butter, or fatty fish will be much caloric than a more budgeted version.

On average, the caloric value of the salad “Mimosa” ranges from 185 to 250 kcal/100 grams of the finished dish.

Salad “Mimosa” restaurant recipe

  • Smoked salmon – 100g.
  • Carrots – 30g.
  • Eggs – 2 pcs.
  • Mayonnaise – 50 ml,
  • Cream cheese – 50g.
  • Red caviar – 30g.

We put on a plate with a serving dish and assemble the salad in layers. In the first layer put the fish, and smear it with mayonnaise. Put grated boiled egg white. On top of protein put grated boiled carrots. On top of the carrots lay a layer of cream cheese.

Each layer, in turn, grease with mayonnaise. Lay the grated egg yolks. We put the salad in for one hour in the fridge to stabilize it. Before serving, remove the culinary ring. Decorate the salad with red caviar and fresh dill.

Mimosa” salad with cheese and butter

  • Canned fish – 1 jar
  • Chicken eggs – 4 pcs.
  • Hard cheese – 150 gr.
  • Butter – 100 gr.
  • Carrots – 100 gr.
  • Mayonnaise – 100 gr.

Mash canned fish with a fork, previously draining all the oil. Boil eggs and carrots. Layer the salad: with fish, grated egg whites, grated cheese, grated butter, grated boiled carrots, and boiled egg yolks. For each layer except the top one, put mayonnaise on it. Before serving, keep the salad in the refrigerator for at least one hour to let it eat.

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