Cucumbers Went Cloudy: Can You Eat Them or Not, and What to Do if They Exploded

In the summer and fall, many housewives canned cucumbers, but after a while, it turns out that the lovingly tinned jars inside cloudy, and then – swollen and exploded.

Why cloudy cucumbers and what to do – causes and tips

There are several reasons why cloudy white sediment appears in jars with cucumbers:

  • Poorly washed jars and poorly sterilized them;
  • Insufficiently sterilized lids;
  • Improperly sealing the jars;
  • spoiled vegetables;
  • lack of spices and preservatives or a small amount of them;
  • chips and cracks on the necks of jars;
  • Use of iodized salt in the canning process.

Also, cloudy canning can be if you rolled salad kinds of cucumbers or improperly stored preserves. Leave them at room temperature after canning for no longer than 2-3 days – then you need to go down to the cellar or pantry.

To the question of how to save cucumbers, which have become cloudy, we answer – first just wait. There will be only two options for the outcome of the situation – either the jar “explodes”, or the brine will lighten, and the cucumbers will continue to pickle.

Cucumbers exploded – what to do, where to use

If after you have waited a certain amount of time, the jar still “exploded”, we suggest how to get out of the situation and find out if you can remake pickled cucumbers. You need to:

  • open the jar;
  • pour the brine out of it;
  • Pour the cucumbers into boiling water and leave for 5 minutes.

Then you need to drain the liquid into a pot and make a new brine, increasing the amount of vinegar compared to the previous recipe, which you used. Then pour the brine over the cucumbers, wait 5-10 minutes, and roll them up.

There is also a proven way to resuscitate pickles – it is slightly different from the previous one. In this case, you must:

  • drain the brine, boil it;
  • pour the cucumbers, leave it for 5 minutes;
  • drain again and boil it;
  • Cool slightly, fill the cucumbers, and close with lids.

If you do not want to engage in such a procedure, but it is important for you to understand what to do if the cucumbers are cloudy, but not bloated and whether you can eat exploded cucumbers, then be calm – they are excellent for making rassolnik, solyanka or other similar first courses.

Previously, we talked about how to cook rassolnik for the whole family and offered a recipe for the classic solyanka and other, no less delicious, options for cooking such a soup.

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Written by Emma Miller

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