Detox For Skin & Hair: We Make You Fresh!

Immediately more radiance: With this detoxifying detox program, you will quickly make sallow skin and dull hair shine again.


Put an end to impure skin, blackheads, pimples, and a gray complexion! Special detox creams, peelings, and capsules detoxify and cleanse the skin optimally. Thoroughly cleanse the facial skin before application so that the active ingredients can be absorbed well.

The special creams contain vitamins and rich active ingredients. These cleanse the skin of harmful substances and regenerate and strengthen the skin’s own protective mechanism. Get advice on buying a suitable detox product at the pharmacy.

Once you are through with the Detox cure, you should give your complexion a break. Our skin is exposed to around 200 chemicals every day, including too much skincare. Give your skin a three-week break, and during that time, limit yourself to creams that contain the essentials. Those are oil and moisture. Avoid artificial perfumes or preservatives during these 21 days, the fewer ingredients the better. After this time out, your skin is guaranteed to glow again all by itself. Afterward, you can also reach for richer creams again.

The same applies to makeup: forgo too many ingredients and opt for makeup with mineral pigments. These protect the skin like a film while allowing it to breathe. These mineral makeups cannot clog pores because they are oil-free. In addition, they have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.


Treat your hair to a pampering program! Cleansing, conditioning, and styling products leave many chemicals in our hair. This makes them dull and damages their health. Often, too much care achieves exactly the opposite of the hoped-for result: over-cared hair becomes stringy and heavy more quickly because too many products leave deposits.

Wash your hair with a mild detox shampoo free of sulfates and parabens, which will rid your hair of buildup from conditioning and styling products. Next, it’s the turn of a scalp scrub. Apply the product in circular motions, working it in from the roots to the tips. Wash the scrub out thoroughly – again, it’s best to use Detox Shampoo. A rich and soothing conditioner will then moisturize the hair. Lastly, rinse your hair with cold water to close pores and restore shine. Now your hair and scalp will feel light, bright clean, and refreshed again.

You can also remove the care and styling remnants in your hair with extensive brushing strokes. It is best to use a brush with boar bristles for this.


According to Ayurveda teachings, hot water supports the radiance of the skin. It is also said to flush metabolic residues from the body. Boil two liters of water for five minutes in the morning. Flavor the water to taste with three leaves of mint or basil. Drink the hot water from a thermos in sips throughout the day.

Beyond that, there are plenty of different ways to detox. Whether it’s tea, drinking cures, scrubs, capsules, or foot pads, they all have a detoxifying effect. Juice and tea cures usually last five, seven, or fourteen days. They are rich in vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes that help improve nutrition, regulate or boost metabolism and provide a sense of well-being. However, be sure to consult an expert for such cures.

Detox capsules bind the toxins in the body and support their elimination. Detox pads can also help with detoxification. Stick them under the soles of your feet before bed, and when you take them off in the morning, they are discolored from the toxins they have removed from your body.

Support the detox diet with plenty of fluids and reduction of toxins – such as alcohol, coffee, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and cigarettes. Green fruits and vegetables help detoxify through their anti-oxidants, chlorophyll, and protein and provide better oxygenation of blood cells.

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Written by Bella Adams

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