Detox Summer Drinks: Delicious Refreshments For Weight Loss

Cool refreshment and detoxification in one: these delicious detox drinks are ideal for warm summer days, purifying, and even helping you lose weight.

As the summer days get hotter and hotter, it’s time for a refreshing change of pace in addition to water and spritzers: We present five delicious summer drinks that are not only invigorating but also healthy and help you lose weight.

The following drinks help detoxify and create an alkaline environment in the body.

A healthy body has an excellent self-cleansing system that flushes out daily environmental toxins, pollutants, or metabolic waste. The kidneys and liver filter out most of the toxins from the body fluids.

In addition, the lungs, skin, intestines, and lymphatic system constantly remove pollutants from the body’s cells.

Nevertheless, polluted air, unhealthy food, harmful cosmetics, and personal care products burden our bodies every day. However, you can use a whole range of tricks yourself to help your body detoxify.

The classic: refreshing lemon limo

The classic among refreshing drinks is lemon water. It is healthy, helps detoxify the liver, and stimulates digestion.

In addition, the drink refreshes in the summer are delicious and also quick to prepare: simply mix water with as much fresh lemon juice as you like.

It is better to avoid sugar or sweeteners to achieve the detox effect. Then rather reach for some honey, stevia, or coconut blossom sugar, if it does not go without sweetness. In addition, organic lemons or limes should be used whenever possible.

Switchel: The simplest detox lemonade

This summer drink is very simple, but ingenious for the detox effect and delicious: Just mix some vinegar, ginger, and perhaps a sugar alternative and sip away – that’s all it takes for this fine summer lemonade!

Also in summer a boon: cold ginger tea

Ginger tea, a component of Ayurvedic medicine, is a popular drink not only in winter. The cold version has a cooling effect on hot summer days, calms inflammation, and promotes both digestion and detoxification.

There are valuable antioxidants in the ginger peel, so it’s better to buy organic ginger so it doesn’t have to be peeled during preparation.

Here’s how: Peel the ginger into thin slices and boil it for 20 to 30 minutes in a pot with some water. Then let the decoction steep for a moment, cover, and strain the whole thing through a sieve.

If necessary, the tea can be refined with a little lemon or lime juice and honey, coconut blossom sugar, or stevia. Afterward, put the mix in the refrigerator for a while and the healthy refreshing drink is ready!

Peppi drinks without remorse

Peppermint is good for digestion and is effective against nausea. To make a refreshing and detoxifying peppermint drink, you need just one and a half cups of fresh, washed, and ideally, organic mint leaves, blended with half a cup of water in a kitchen blender.

Add a pinch of crystal salt and a teaspoon of cumin powder (this has an antiseptic, cleansing, and detoxifying effect), as well as three to four teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Then blend all the ingredients into a smooth paste, which is finally mixed with water in a ratio of one to three.

Depending on your taste, you can also sweeten it a bit, but it’s better not to use table sugar, which only provides empty calories but no nutrients.

Add a few ice cubes – and the peppi drink is ready, which is guaranteed not to cause a hangover, but on the contrary, can even relieve it.

Watermelon-cucumber smoothie

Cucumbers contain a lot of silica, which in turn is known as a detoxifier against aluminum. Too much aluminum in the body is even said to promote Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, silica is good for connective tissue and bones.

Watermelon is not only refreshing but also nutritious. This drink combines both into a delicious smoothie! Take one – if organic, then unpeeled – sliced cucumber and three-quarters of watermelon and add everything to a blender.

Add an ice cube – and you have a delicious, fruity summer smoothie!

Or the matching drink in the evening: Skinny Watermelon Margarita – detoxifies and refreshes all along the line as well.

Green detox power from the Ensatfter

Green juices are known to detoxify best: since they have hardly any fiber, the detoxifying substances are present in the juice in a highly concentrated form and can flow unhindered into the cells. Ideally, you mix the juices with some fruits, so the drink becomes detoxifying, nutritious, and tasty!

For the green power drink, you need the following ingredients in addition to a powerful juicer: four apples, two small cucumbers, six cabbage leaves, a stick of celery, half a romaine lettuce, and a piece of fresh ginger.

Processed everything in the juicer at a low speed, adding the juice of half a lemon at the end: The pleasant acidity rounds off this vitamin bomb wonderfully.

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