Detox Water: Lose Weight And Detoxify With The Miracle Water

You can enjoy this delicious drink hot or cold. It warms or refreshes, acts as a healing and detox water, and helps you lose weight. Give us the recipe!

A detox water as a miracle cure? That sounds perfect, because mulled wine and marzipan, Christmas parties, and family celebrations were a challenge for the figure and for health. Our suggestion to get back in shape: a delicious drink you can enjoy hot or cold that detoxifies and helps you lose weight. Thanks to cinnamon, it even has a spicy note.

Detox water made with apple, cinnamon, and lemon

It’s as simple as this: While you heat a liter of water in the kettle, cut a green apple into small pieces and put them in a large pitcher. Add a stick of cinnamon. Make sure it is high-quality Ceylon cinnamon. Pour the water into the pitcher. It should not boil, but be at drinking temperature. Cover it and set it aside for ten minutes before placing the drink in the refrigerator. Two hours later, add the juice of a squeezed lemon. If the water is too hot, the benefits of the lemon will be lost.

Now you can enjoy the water, either cold or carefully warmed up again. If you make the drink with cold water, it should steep longer, for example overnight.

If you drink it regularly in the morning on an empty stomach and several times a day, your liver and digestive organs will be happy!

What the detox water can do

  1. A healing and detox water like this delicious blend with apple and cinnamon helps you especially when you often find it difficult to drink enough. Many people are sick of water and it is all too tempting to turn to unhealthy soft drinks.
  2. This detox water is low in calories but high in nutrients. By providing your body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, you’re also helping it get more nutrients from food.
  3. Apple and cinnamon stimulate the metabolism, which helps with weight loss and detoxification, and detoxifies and cleanses the body.
  4. Even more, they regulate and stabilize blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels with detox water. They strengthen the heart and immune system and alleviate problems with allergies.
  5. Individually, the ingredients of the detox water do even better. Apples contain a lot of fiber and promote digestion. Biotin, folic acid, and vitamin E make you more balanced and give you beautiful skin and hair. Antioxidants vitamins A and C protect you from harmful free radicals.
  6. Among other things, cinnamon contains vitamin K, calcium, iron, and manganese. The spice is appreciated not only among Ayurveda connoisseurs but also stabilizes blood sugar levels.
  7. The most important contribution of lemon is abundant norepinephrine, which boosts fat burning. That’s why it’s also helpful to drink the detox water with meals because then you’ll get full faster.
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