Don’t Rush To Throw Away the Christmas Tree: a Fragrant Lafhack

You can give your Christmas tree or pine tree for recycling so it can still do some good. And with one small twig, you can create an incredible fragrance in your home.

Herbalist Vadim Zhigun explained why you should not rush to throw away the tree after the Christmas holidays, and instead create an incredible fragrance in the house or make a unique sachet for clothes.

When to put away the Christmas tree

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve is believed to be a pagan rite. But many Ukrainians willingly decorate the Christmas tree, it has become a good tradition. The Christmas tree should be taken away immediately after Vasiliev evening and before the Epiphany. In order to get rid of the main attribute of the New Year, you will have 5 days.

You can also recycle your tree so it won’t decompose in the garbage. In such places, the trees are processed into fertilizer for the soil – mulch. Then the tree will benefit nature.

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