From Oil, Soap and Tin Cans: Options for Making a Candle

How to make a candle out of an old candle – tips and tricks

If you have old candles, wax, or paraffin at home, you can make some new candles. In total, you will need:

  • Old candles, wax, or paraffin;
  • A wick or piece of absorbent cotton;
  • a strip of duct tape;
  • a fireproof container;
  • A melting pot to melt the wax.

Melt the wax in a water bath, microwave, or saucepan. Most importantly, put the heat to a minimum and stir the wax constantly. In the center of the candle container, secure a stand with a wick or piece of absorbent cotton with a strip of duct tape. Slowly pour the melted wax into the container, holding the wick so it does not tilt. Wait for the wax to solidify and the wick to hold firmly, then light the candle.

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Written by Emma Miller

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