Garlic Will Grow As Big As an Apple: Simple Secrets For a Good Harvest

To ensure that the garlic harvest is always impressive, you need to follow a few simple rules.

For many people, it is still a mystery how to grow large garlic, even though it is a traditional crop in Ukrainian vegetable gardens. There are not many secrets to making your garlic crop happy in quality and size.

Previously we told you what you can’t eat with garlic, but today we’re going to share tips on what you need to do to grow large garlic.

How to grow good garlic – a secret tip hack

Experienced gardeners know the secret that guarantees a generous garlic harvest. It lies in the garlic arrows and long leaves, or rather their removal and wilting.

The fact is that the plant nutrients go up – to the arrow and leaves, and the garlic head grows slower because of this. Try trimming the garlic arrows after they appear, and a week before harvesting, tie the plant’s long leaves into a knot. Such a clever trick can increase fruit size by 30-40%.

How to grow large garlic – general tips

  • Soil. Start by preparing the soil. Take care that the bed is mulched. Make shallow furrows in the loose soil, sprinkle the bottom with sand, and plant the clove seeds.
  • Winter planting. If you plant garlic for the winter – cover it with spruce branches or polyethylene film. This way you can save it from abnormal frost.
  • Loosening and watering. There is one tip hack on how to grow good garlic faster than usual. It is worth periodically loosening the soil when the garlic has begun to sprout. Don’t forget to water regularly. Young garlic needs watering once a week. Once the garlic head is formed, water once a month.
  • Pruning. Garlic, like all other crops, requires fertilization. Fertilize garlic with nitrogen fertilizer in the spring after the first sprouts appear. This is a one-time procedure. Then you can fertilize periodically with ashes.

Sometimes the garlic stays small despite all attempts to save it. The variety has probably just degenerated. Try replacing the seeds. Also, there are many varieties of large garlic on the market. Try one of these newer varieties as well.

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Written by Emma Miller

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