Glyx Diet: Slim Faster With The Glyx!

Lose weight with the glycemic index: explains the Glyx principle – this is how the GLYX diet works! This is behind it, you should know …

Glyx Diet: The Principle

Doing the math is the name of the game with the Glyx Diet: the lower the glycemic index, the better. The principle behind it is as follows: Glucose is absorbed the fastest by the body, it increases the glycemic index rapidly and thus provokes a strong insulin release – this is not good for fat burning. The G-index of glucose is therefore set equal to 100.

Complex carbohydrates and foods that contain fat and protein in addition to carbohydrates cause blood glucose to rise much more slowly and at a lower rate. The index is therefore only around 40 to 60, which is advantageous for consistent performance, sustained satiety, and lasting slimming.

Recommended carbohydrate sources (low index) are above all

  • Whole grain products
  • Legumes
  • almost all vegetables
  • many fruits as well as fructose
  • soy

Low-fat dairy products, poultry, fish, and lean meat also go well with this diet.

The following should not be on the menu too often

White flour products, cornflakes, dextrose and table sugar, honey, jam, and high-sugar fruits such as raisins and pineapple. Coffee and copious amounts of alcohol are taboo.
The Frenchman Michel Montignac has developed a gourmet diet from the Glyx diet: High-fat and high-protein foods are allowed in it, as long as you avoid side dishes such as white bread, peeled rice, pasta, and potatoes.

Glyx: personal diet is important!

But it’s not quite that simple: blood glucose levels are closely linked to diabetes and obesity. If it is permanently elevated, this promotes the development of both diseases. The glycemic index makes it possible to evaluate foods in terms of their consequences for blood sugar and thus also for health – a low glyx is “good”, a high one “bad”.

Consequently, this value has played a supporting role in the development of diets up to now. The catch: these findings were derived from studies in which only small groups of people were examined to see how they reacted to different foods. In a recent study, researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science now evaluated the blood glucose levels of 800 people. Their result: Glyx is not a fixed value, but depends on the individual person! The participants’ food intake was precisely documented via an app over a period of one week, and the scientists obtained further information from questionnaires on health, body measurements, blood tests, and stool samples.

As expected, the age, as well as BMI of the test subjects, were closely related to blood glucose levels after a meal. What was new, however, was that different people reacted very differently to the same foods – with their individual reactions remaining identical from one day to the next. To explain the different effects on blood sugar, the researchers analyzed stool samples and the composition of the intestinal flora.

This showed that certain intestinal bacteria have an influence on how high the blood sugar level rises after eating. For future developments of diets, the new research results mean that customized diets are far more promising for achieving set goals. When those foods are found that are metabolized most favorably on an individual basis, nothing stands in the way of the dream figure!

Glyx diet: practicality

You need a sound knowledge of the composition of the diet and the correct composition of the menu in the Glyx diet. The food spectrum, with many whole grains and legumes, corresponds to the principle of a diet rich in fiber, avoiding isolated sugars. It is particularly suitable for overweight people who have problems with blood sugar regulation.

Glyx diet: calories

Varies according to the diet program

Glyx Diet: Duration

Long-term diet program

Glyx diet: overall verdict

Partially recommended: The Glyx diet is also a good guide for non-diabetics in the selection of recommended carbohydrate sources that saturate well. From the point of view of metabolic physiology, they make a sensible contribution to getting slim and staying slim in the long term.

Foods with a low glycemic index are the right choice, not least for the training and basic nutrition of athletes.

However, the relatively high proportion of fat and protein must not lead to a disregard of the personally correct measure of energy intake. It is not a free pass for high-fat cheese and cream sauces. There is a risk that the desired weight loss results will not be achieved as planned.

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