How Much and How to Cook Beef to Make it Tender and Tasty

Beef is deservedly considered one of the most delicious and healthy meats. Some types of such meat are considered gourmet delicacies, but even cheaper beef will make any dinner tasty and nourishing. This type of meat is considered quite tough and requires long cooking.

How to prepare beef before cooking

When buying meat, choose beef with a pleasant flavor and even color, without dark or greenish spots. The fat on the meat should be white rather than yellow.

Frozen beef should be completely defrosted before cooking. To do this, it should be placed in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours. Wash the beef under running water. After this, you can proceed to cook.

How to boil beef

Put the meat in a pot, pour cold water, and put on a small fire. After boiling, take off the foam from the meat a few times. Boil beef only on low heat, otherwise, the water will boil over all the time. After skimming the foam, cover the pot with a lid.

If you need to cook beef for broth, take the meat on the bone. You can put whole peeled vegetables such as carrots, onions, or celery stalks in the water in addition to the meat. They will saturate the broth with a nice vegetable flavor and soften the meat. Also, spices and salt should be added to the broth water. But it is better to put a bay leaf at the end of cooking, as it begins to be bitter when cooking for a long time.

Boil beef for salad can be without spices and vegetables, and salt the water at the end. Meat for cooking in this case, you can cut into large pieces. Boil beef for stewing should be 2/3 of the desired time, and then move the almost ready meat in a sauce and or marinade, and bring it to readiness there.

If you cook beef for soup or borscht, use the second broth so that the soup is not muddy. The first should be poured out after boiling and then clean, cool water should be poured in. The second broth should also be skimmed off the foam.

How long the beef is boiled

If the beef is cooked in one whole piece, it will take 2-2.5 hours for complete cooking, depending on the age of the meat. Chopped meat in small pieces that will cook for 1.5 hours. The multicooker will take 2 hours in the mode “Soup” or “Stew”.

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