How Much and Where to Fill the Powder and Conditioner: A Tiphack to Save Money

Many housewives do not read the instructions to washing machines – they pour the powder and conditioner “by eye”. Such an attitude to the equipment can lead to its failure, in addition, make a “hole” in the family budget.

Where to pour the powder into the washing machine – instructions

Some people believe that the powder can be poured directly into the drum – so it washes stains better. In fact, this is not true – the powder should be poured only in a special compartment.

You open the machine and see two compartments – they are numbered by Roman numerals or Arabic letters. The third compartment is usually marked with a pictogram, an asterisk, or any other neutral symbol – it is always different in size from the first two.

The largest compartment, which is denoted by the number II or the letter B, is the compartment for powder and basic laundry. By the way, it is better to add any descaler, too.

The compartment under the number I or the letter A is the compartment for prewashing (recommended to use for very dirty things). In this case, you are likely to pour bleach or stain remover. Such products are poured only in the first compartment (with or without powder), but on no account should you pour them into the drum of the washing machine.

The smallest compartment, which is marked with an asterisk or other symbol, is the conditioner compartment. On the plastic, you will also see the inscription MAX – the limit that should not be exceeded when adding laundry softener.

As for powders, they can be of three kinds:

  • loose;
  • liquid;
  • tablets or capsules.

For bulk and liquid, use only the tray, and add capsules or tablets directly into the drum of the washer.

How to measure laundry detergent – rules

The exact amount of powder is difficult to calculate – it all depends on the degree of contamination of things, the type of powder, and the hardness of the water. If the water is very hard, you need more powder. To save money, you can buy a water softener and add it to the second compartment along with the powder – that way you get to reduce the amount of powder.

The golden rule of laundry for 1 kg of stuff:

  • loose powder – 25 grams;
  • Gel powder – 30 ml.

For clothes that are too dirty, use 40-50 grams of powder, with half poured in the first compartment, and half in the second. If you do not know how to measure the amount of laundry without weighing, then be guided by the volume of the washing machine. For example, a six-kilogram Cwm, filled halfway, will tell you that the weight of the laundry is about 3 kg.

Most commonly, a measuring cup is included with the detergent, and if you don’t have one, it’s better to buy one – it’s much easier to use than measuring by eye.

If you are using, in addition to the powder, air conditioner, it too must be poured correctly – dilute the concentrated product with water in the proportion 1:3, and then pour it into the washer. Under no circumstances should you pour conditioner directly on things, otherwise it will leave stains and streaks. Use only a special compartment for rinse aid.

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