How to Bleach Plastic From Yellowing: Easy and Affordable Ways

Means for this can be found in every home. Plastic is used in the manufacture of various appliances, but over time it can turn yellow. You don’t have to run to the store right away for the most expensive products to solve this problem.

The question of how to whiten plastic at home arises in many people, despite a large number of available methods. Let’s consider the main causes of contamination of plastic:

  • Oxidation.
  • Old dirt.
  • Open fire or smoke in the room.
  • Cleaning with unsuitable products.
  • Poor quality material.

How to bleach plastic

Tools that can be found in every home can help. Let’s see how to bleach yellowed plastic with hydrogen peroxide. You need to pour a little agent on a sponge and thoroughly wipe the dirty area. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated several times.

In addition to peroxide, normal table vinegar can be used. Since it is a little more difficult to whiten plastic with vinegar, 80% essence will be needed for more stale dirt. Be sure to wear gloves and a mask, then moisten a sponge with vinegar and scrub the stains.

A very popular product is methoxide, a solution that can be found at any drugstore. A small amount will help whiten the plastic on the microwave, air conditioner, washing machine, and even on switches. In this case, it is also better to use gloves.

In addition, a mixture of laundry soap or rubbing the surface with alcohol wipes can help make yellow plastic white.

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