How to Boil a Broken Egg in the Shell and Without: Tips That Will Surprise You

A cracked egg is no problem if you know how easy and simple it can be made.

Don’t rush to throw away cracked eggs. They can be used to make scrambled eggs in a pan or to add to baked goods.

Cracked eggs can also be boiled. There are some tried and tested easy ways to do this correctly without letting the egg leak from the shell when boiling. In addition, you can also boil eggs without it.

Can a cracked egg be used – what’s important to know

Of course, the cracked shell does not so reliably protect the egg from germs and microorganisms as a whole. That is why you should use such eggs as soon as possible. It is not recommended to keep them for more than a couple of days.

It is also recommended to boil eggs with damaged shells. In this case, you are guaranteed to get rid of germs that could get inside.

How to boil a cracked egg – three simple ways

Cracked eggs can be boiled

  • in salted water (add salt at the rate of 1.5 tbsp of salt per 1 liter of water, put on the fire, place the egg in the water, bring to a boil, and cook for up to 10 minutes);
  • Wrapped in clingfilm (put the egg in the film in the water, put on the fire, and also cook for up to 10 minutes);
  • using a steam cooker (put the egg in the steamer with the crack face down, wait a few minutes, then put it into boiling water and cook as usual).

If these recommendations are followed, the egg should not leak from the shell

How to boil a shell-less egg is easy

You can boil a shell-less egg using plastic sachets. It’s also easy to do if you have a microwave.

How to boil eggs without shells in a bag. We take a bag, open it and place it in a bowl or a wide cup. At the bottom of the bag break an egg. If desired, we add salt and pepper. Lift the edges of the bag and tie them with thread, paper clips, or other devices that you have at hand. We gently lower the egg sachets into the boiling water and boil them for up to seven minutes.

How to boil eggs without the shell in the microwave. For this method of cooking eggs, you will need a special container, which must first be scalded with boiling water. In a prepared container beat an egg, salt it, pepper it, and send it to the microwave. For complete cooking, four minutes at low power will be enough.

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