How to Check the Butter: 3 Main Signs of Naturalness

How to test butter in water – an easy test with boiling water

Testing in hot water is one of the most effective. Quality butter should dissolve completely in it, turning a milky color. Pay attention: the oil should dissolve without any sediment and, even more so, “flakes”. Their presence is a very bad signal.

Checking Butter by Freezing

Real quality butter at low temperatures should simply “freeze”. If it has vegetable fats, they won’t let it do that. So one effective way to test butter for naturalness is to freeze it. You should try crushing a frozen bar of butter. If you see butter crumbs under the knife instead of smooth layers, that is a sure sign of good butter.

How to test butter in a frying pan

A great way to test this product is direct while cooking. Watch how the product you bought behaves when heated. Good butter thrown into a heated frying pan will give off a nice milky flavor and a distinctive crema.

How to Test Butter with Iodine and Manganese Solution

There are also several ways to test butter using drugstore remedies – iodine and manganese dioxide. Both methods are not informative enough, but they have a right to life.

Manganese dioxide can help determine if the butter contains vegetable fat. Add the oil to a solution of manganese and see if the color has changed. If the liquid is lighter, your oil contains only animal fats.

Iodine will tell you if your oil contains cheap palm oil. Add iodine to the oil dissolved in hot water and watch the reaction. The natural product will not react, and after a few hours, there will be no trace of iodine. If, on the other hand, the solution turns brown, bad news, most likely you are faced with an adulterated product.

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