How to Check Windows for Blowing: 6 Simple Ways to Find the Gap

Even a tiny crack in a window can create an unpleasant draft. Artisans have come up with several ways to find window “blow-throughs” in different places. Here are a few of these tricks.

How to check a window seal for leaks

To check the seal, you will need paint that is easy to erase. Chalk or lipstick will work well. Apply the dye to the rubber band, and close and open the window tightly. Then examine the paint mark on the rubber band. Where the mark is interrupted, the rubber band is loose against the frame.

How to Find a Blowout on a Window by a Dust Trace

Examine the inside of the frame. If there is a trace of dust inside and the window rarely opens, then the window is blowing through the elastic band. This does not apply to the top frame hinges – dust is the norm there.

Check the tightness of the window with a piece of paper

Place the paper between the frame and the glass unit, and try to get it out. If the construction is tightly closed and has no gaps, you will not be able to get the sheet. This way you can check the whole sash. If the paper comes out easily, then you need to replace the seal or adjust the window.

How to check the window for blowing through with a candle

Light a candle and bring it to the window frame. If the flame fluctuates, the sash is blowing.

How to check a window with wet hands

Run your wet palm along the contours of the window. If you feel the blowing of cold air with your hand, it means the place of blowing has been found. This method is very simple but is only useful when it is windy.

Testing Window Leakage with a Soap Solution

Dissolve liquid soap or dishwashing liquid in water. Spread the solution around the perimeter of the window. If you see soap bubbles, it means it is blowing.

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