How to Choose a Good Winter Blanket: 5 Warmest Fillings

With the onset of frosts and heating disruptions in homes, many Ukrainians wrap themselves in several blankets. To save yourself from the cold at home and not freeze at night, it is enough to buy a warm blanket with quality filler.

Blankets made of feathers and down

Down blankets are recognized as the warmest of all. They are well permeable to air, due to which there is heat exchange, and under the blanket is maintained a comfortable temperature. Down blankets can cause allergies, but products with the European marking “NOMITE” are hypoallergenic.

Experts advise choosing comforters with natural comforter covers since synthetic ones retain heat worse. The goose and duck feathers are considered the best material in terms of price-to-quality ratio.

Wool blankets

Blankets made of wool are light and airy, under them the body does not sweat. Good heat retention, although the insulating properties of wool blankets are slightly inferior to products made of down. Have therapeutic and analgesic properties, useful for rheumatism and arthritis. The disadvantages of wool blankets are the need for regular cleaning and vulnerability to moths.

A good option in terms of value for money is a blanket made of sheep’s wool.

Synthetic blankets

Blankets with synthetic fillings are easy to care for, inexpensive, very light, and warm enough. They can be washed in the machine. The disadvantage of synthetic blankets is poor thermal regulation. They are not suitable for people who often sweat at night.

The best materials for synthetic blankets are synthetic veneer, holla fiber, and comfort.


Blankets filled with absorbent cotton are very warm and pleasant for the body and do not cause allergies. But these days, this material is not very popular. These products are very heavy, they are difficult to wash. Also, cotton blankets easily accumulate dust and moisture, and over time can acquire an unpleasant smell.

Blankets made of silk and cashmere

These blankets will last you all year round because they adjust well to your body temperature. In summer they are cool underneath, and in winter – very warm. Blankets made of silk and cashmere are very light, do not cause allergies, and absorb sweat. The biggest disadvantage of these blankets is the high price.

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