How to Clean a Gas Stove Fast: The Best Tips

Every housewife knows that cleaning the stove is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Firstly, not every surface can be cleaned with detergents, secondly, abrasives can ruin the coating of the stove, and finally, you need to know how to remove and what to clean the knobs of the stove, so as not to spoil anything.

How to remove the knobs of the gas stove

Removing the knobs from the stove is simple enough: you need to put them in the “Off” position, pull them toward you and slowly pull them out of the groove. This operation should be carried out very carefully so as not to damage the rotary mechanism. Never use physical force, otherwise, you will simply break the mechanism.

To remove the handles from the gas stove Gefest and Gorenje is also quite simple, despite the fact that these models of stoves have slightly different designs of handles. Turn off the gas. Turn all the knobs to the stop position “Off”. Carefully pry the handle from underneath with a knife and pull the knife slightly toward you. Note that the knobs on Gefest and Gorenje stoves must be removed together with the circle, on which the marks are drawn.

How to remove the knobs from an electric stove

Switch off the hob. Turn the knobs to the “Off” position. Depending on the stove model, the knobs can be removed either by using a knife to slip it under the knob or by simply pulling the knob towards you. In either case, the handle should come off easily. If you are trying to make an effort, and the knobs are not coming off – call a craftsman or try to clean the knobs without removing them from the stove.

How to Clean Gas Hob Knobs

The easiest way is to apply WD 40, a universal stove grease remover spray, to the surface of the knobs. Leave the product on the stove for 5 minutes, then wipe the handles with a damp sponge. If the contamination is very strong, wipe the handles with a brush. The advantage of this method is that the product forms a protective film on the surface of the stove, which means that next time cleaning will be much easier.

If you don’t have any store-bought remedies at hand and don’t know how to clean the gas stove handles quickly, you can use improvised means.

Vinegar can be used to clean stove handles in two minutes. Pour a liter of water and a glass of 9% vinegar into a metal pot. Remove the knobs from the stove and place them in the solution. Put the pot on the stove and bring it to a boil. After 5 minutes, turn off the stove and leave the handles in the vinegar solution until they cool.

You can also clean grease from the handles of the gas stove with citric acid. Remove the handles, place them in a bowl or saucepan, and sprinkle liberally with citric acid. Add a few spoonfuls of water to let the citric acid react. After 30 minutes, wipe the pens with a clean sponge.

If you do not have vinegar on hand and do not know how to clean pens at the stove with folk remedies, use regular laundry soap. Rub the soap on a grater and pour boiling water on it. Remove the pens from the stove, dip them into the soapy solution, and leave them until the water cools.

You can also use ammonia alcohol. Apply it to a sponge and wipe the soiled areas on the pens. Keep in mind, however, that in case of heavy soiling, ammonia alcohol will not help you. This method is only good if you regularly struggle with grease on your stove.

How to clean a gas stove if it burns badly

If your gas stove burns badly, you need to clean the burners. Remove the burners, dip them in a soapy solution, and let them soak for 10 to 15 minutes. You can remove grease buildup with a match or wooden stick. Do not remove grease deposits with a knife or metal sponge, because you will damage the coating of burners.

How to clean the grid on a gas stove

The gas stove grid can be cleaned with baking soda. Place the rack on a baking tray and sprinkle liberally with baking soda. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then rinse it under running water.

You can also use lemon juice, vinegar, or citric acid. Special detergents for washing stoves and microwaves will do an excellent job with grease.

On no account should you try to remove the grease layer from the grill with a knife. You may scratch the grill and damage its coating. Also, it is strictly forbidden to use sandpaper and aggressive detergents containing chlorine.

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