How to Clean Scotch Tape From Glass: No Trace Left Behind

Scotch tape on glass is very effective in protecting windows from the force of a shock wave. However, when it is time to get rid of the tape, it will not be easy to clean. It will leave a sticky residue on the glass that is almost impossible to remove. It will help to get the tape off the window with mild remedies that will not damage the glass.

Soda Solution

Dissolve four tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of water and dilute. Moisten a sponge with this thick solution and wipe the tape residue on the glass. After removing any traces of the tape, wipe the glass with plain water.


An eraser is quite effective in removing tape residue from the glass. But this method will require more effort and time.

Vegetable oil

Soak absorbent cotton or cotton pads in any vegetable oil and rub the adhesive. Allow it to work for 15 minutes. During this time, the tape will have softened and can be wiped off with a standard sponge.


Moisten a sponge with acetone or gasoline and wipe away any glue residue. Then wipe the place of the tape with water again. Be sure to open windows before you begin, as solvents have a pungent smell.

Ammonia Alcohol

Ammonia alcohol is particularly effective in cleaning plastic glass as well as plastic frames. Soak a sponge in undiluted alcohol and wash off any remaining tape. Be sure to wear gloves and open the windows before starting.

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