How to Clean Tiles in the Bathroom to Shine in 15 Minutes: Folk Remedies

Because of irregular cleaning, bad water, or high humidity, tiles in the bathroom become covered with unsightly deposits or even turn yellow. Such stains are not aesthetically pleasing and are a breeding ground for bacteria.

How to clean tiles in the bathroom – folk remedies and tips

There are several “grandmotherly” methods, which help if you are wondering how to wash tiles in the bathroom to a shine:

  • laundry soap – rub a sponge, soap the tiles, leave for half an hour, then rinse with water and wipe with a dry cloth;
  • baking soda – pour baking soda on a wet sponge, scrub the dirty place, and leave for half an hour, then scrub thoroughly and rinse with water;
  • vinegar – pour it into a sprayer, spray it on the tile, leave it for 20-30 minutes, then scrub with a sponge and rinse with water;
  • ammonia – dilute 30 ml of ammonia in 1 liter of water, spray through a sprayer, leave for 5 minutes, then rinse with water;
  • citric acid – dissolve in water in a 1:2 ratio, leave until white streaks appear, then rinse with warm water with a sponge.

Thanks to our tips, you know how to clean the tiles in the bathroom from yellowing with the help of various folk remedies. For those who specifically sought information on how to clean bathroom tiles with citric acid, there is a useful tiphak – do not use acid in pure form, otherwise, it will scratch the tiles, and also avoid getting it on the seams – they are destroyed by it.

As an alternative, you can use chlorine – this is an old “grandfather’s” method, which many people like for its power. Chlorine must be diluted in water, pour into a sprayer, treat the tiles, and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse with a sponge soaked in water, and wipe with a dry cloth.

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