How To Cook Pearl Millet to Make it Soft and Nourishing: You Did Not Know That

Pearl groat is quite common and popular, it is used as the basis for side dishes and porridges, and for cooking soups and stews.

How to cook pearl barley – simple tips

To begin with, it is necessary to sort out the groats, removing all the debris from them. After that, the pearl barley should be rinsed under running water until the water from under the grits becomes clear.

Many people soak the pearl barley before cooking for several hours, but you can do without it, it just takes more time to cook it.

It is important to understand that the pearl barley when cooking greatly increases, so the groats need to be cooked in a suitable container for this.

Cooking the pearl barley in a pot will take from 40 minutes to an hour. To begin with, put the groats in a pot, pour it with cold water, and put it on high heat. As soon as the water boils, the flame should be reduced to medium and the pot should be covered with a lid.

Salt the porridge both at the beginning and in the middle of the cooking process.

How to cook pearl barley in the multicooker – what is important to know

Rinsed pearl barley put into the bowl of the multicooker and pour cold water. Cook it in the mode “Porridge”, “Buckwheat”, or “Rice” for about an hour, if the pearl barley has been previously soaked. If not – for cooking it will take 1.5 hours.

How much water per 1 cup of pearl millet – recommendations

For 1 cup of pearl barley for cooking porridge in a pot or multicooker, you will need 3 cups of water, but to cook it in the microwave, 1.5-2 cups will be enough.

How long to cook pearl millet – tested by experience

If you soaked the pearl barley before cooking, it will be ready in about 40 minutes or 1 hour. Without soaking, the grits will cook for 1-1.5 hours.

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