How To Dry Clothes Quickly: Just Put It In The Drum of the Machine

How to make sure that clothes dry quickly – a question of extraordinary relevance for many in winter, and even more so for those who, because of constant blackouts are sitting without heating.

How to dry clothes in the washing machine – the way with a towel

One of the effective ways how to quickly dry clothes in the washing machine is an additional spin cycle. It should be turned on after the washing machine has completely finished washing. This alone will be enough to quickly dry wet clothes.

However, experienced hostesses have found how this method can be improved to dry clothes very quickly – almost in 5 minutes. You need dry terry towels. Simply add them to the drum with the washed and squeezed wet clothes, and then put them on spin again. Repeat the procedure if necessary. The towel will absorb the moisture from the items and they will become dry.

Of course, this method has a disadvantage in the form of the need after washing and drying the towel as well, but it is ideal for cases where you need to dry clothes as quickly as possible.

How to Dry Clothes – Recommendations

Drying laundry is definitely an element of the home routine that doesn’t require special skills. But there are simple recommendations on how to hang clothes to dry them quickly that you might not even think about. For example, it is advised to turn clothes out every few hours. This will greatly accelerate its drying.

And, of course, if possible, to hang wet clothes at a certain distance. Then the air will circulate evenly, and the laundry will dry faster.

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