How to Froth Milk at Home: Homemade Lattes Using Improvised Means

You can whip the milk into a lush froth with the tools at hand to make a homemade latte or cappuccino.

Many people can not start the day without a glass of flavored cappuccino or latte. You can make a drink with lush milk foam at home. Foamed milk is added to the brewed and slightly cooled coffee, and immediately enjoy the drink.

How to whip milk with a blender

Pour the milk into a tall iron bowl and put it on low heat. Whip the milk with an immersion blender while it’s heating. The milk should not be brought to a boil. The foam obtained in this way is gentle and lush, but not very stable, so pour it into the coffee and drink the drink at once.

How to whip milk for a cappuccino in a jar

Fill a small jar one-third full with cold milk and cover it with a lid. Then quickly shake the jar up and down for a minute. A lot of puffy foam will appear in the jar. Remove the lid and put the jar in the microwave for 30 seconds. The milk will heat up and the foam will settle, becoming thick and dense.

How to Whip Milk with a French Press

It is very convenient to make milk foam with a French press. It turns out thick and dense. Fill the flask one-third full with warm milk. Then quickly raise and lower the filter of the french-press. After 30-40 seconds, the milk foam is ready.

How to whip milk with a whisk

This foam is very unstable, so make coffee and cool it to an acceptable temperature beforehand. Heat the milk in a bowl with high rims. Tilt the container at a 45° angle and whisk quickly with a whisk until frothy. Pour this foam directly into the coffee.

How to froth milk with the cappuccino

The easiest and fastest way to make a latte or cappuccino is to use a special appliance. A cappuccino is a professional appliance for quickly frothing milk. The milk must be warm, but not hot – then the foam will be perfect.

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