How to Fry Onions Properly and What They are Fried for: Useful Tips

Fried onions are a common ingredient in various dishes, but how long to fry them depends on the purpose of the preparation.

Fried onions are an important ingredient that is used in the preparation of various dishes and improves their taste. Cooking is very simple and fast, but the main thing is not to overcook the onions.

To fry most often used onions or leek root. When fried, it gets a golden color, it will be tender and sweet to the taste.

How to fry onions – tips

Before cooking, onions should be peeled from the husk and cut off the tail. It is cut into cubes, rings, or half rings.

Roast it optimally in a pan. For one head, use about 2-2.5 tablespoons of oil. The oil, when frying onions, should be refined vegetable oil, preheating it well – this is necessary if you want to get a crispy vegetable.

Onions should be fried until golden brown for five to seven minutes, stirring all the time. Salt the onions when frying should be after their color has turned golden, and then set aside the pan, covering it with a lid.

If it is necessary to fry onions to make them sweet – it is enough to add a little sugar during cooking. One tablespoon is enough for about 5 onions. At the same time, for the taste balance, it is important not to forget a little salt.

It is worth noting that globally, it does not matter much what oil it is better to fry onions in, it all depends only on the goals.

For example, for stuffing, you can fry them in butter (5 minutes is enough). And by mixing butter and vegetable oil, it can be fried for soup (seven to ten minutes over medium heat). Unrefined olive oil is good for caramelizing onions for a long time, which will require a little more than half an hour.

And to make the onions translucent, fry them for just a few minutes until the moisture has evaporated from them. Do not forget to stir it constantly and take it off the fire in time. If you overcook it, it will begin to get a golden hue.

By the way, another useful tip on how to fry onions to avoid odor. To do this, you can add one or two spoons of wine to the almost-cooked fried onions. The alcohol will quickly evaporate, and the flavor will become pleasant.

Can I fry green onions – nuances

Many people are used to frying just regular onions, but green onions can also sometimes be heat-treated. True, you need to fry it for a very short time, if you overcook it – it will become tasteless.

It will be enough to fry such onions on medium heat for just a couple of minutes. They can be excellent with egg dishes such as omelets or scrambled eggs. They can also be used as one of the components of the filling in pies or pancakes.

French-fried onions – recipe

This is a very simple snack, for the preparation of which you will need flour, onions, milk, a little salt, and vegetable oil for frying.

The vegetable should be peeled, sliced, and divided into rings, rolled in flour and milk with salt, and deep-fried in a deep fryer at 190 degrees until golden brown. Another option – before dipping in flour, chopped onions can be left in the milk and salt for 10-15 minutes. After frying, let the oil drain off, a little salt while still hot, and that’s it – the dish is ready. It can be served with your favorite sauces to taste.

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