How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever: Top 4 Effective Methods

Cockroaches can appear in any apartment, and there are many reasons for this – from lack of cleanliness to irresponsible neighbors who turn their houses into a dump.

How to Know Where the Roaches Nest – Irrefutable Evidence

Determining that you have cockroaches in your home is not difficult. This is indicated by several factors at once:

  • black spots on furniture, dishes, or food;
  • The specific smell of feces;
  • Clutches of eggs in the corners and crevices of the apartment;
  • A personal encounter with the insect.

Cockroaches don’t come just like that – they may pick on you if you often leave uncovered food on the table or your neighbors do. Another argument “for” a visit to your apartment will also be a puddle near the sink, refrigerator, or bathroom – pests are very fond of dampness, dirt, and available water.

How to get rid of house cockroaches in the apartment quickly

There is a large number of folk remedies that help in the process of combating harmful insects.

Boric acid from cockroaches – no one will survive

This remedy is considered a powerful poison, against which even the most cunning cockroach will not survive. The substance enters the body of the insect and affects its nervous system, as a result, the cockroach is paralyzed and, later, dead. The use of boric acid is simple:

  • Spread the powder along baseboards, the bottom of toilets, sinks, and showers;
  • mix boric acid with mashed potatoes, egg yolk, sugar, or flour, roll into balls and place them in different places in the apartment.

In the first case, the poison will get on the insect’s paws and, when it cleans them, it will “enter” the stomach. In the second case, the cockroach will simply eat the poison and die.

How to get rid of cockroaches with ammonia

The second most popular remedy – is ammonia alcohol. It has a very strong smell, which makes the insects uncomfortable. Cockroaches vigorously try to escape from the room soaked in ammonia. In order to banish cockroaches from the house, you just need to add ammonia to the water and then wash the floors and all other surfaces in the house with this water.

Freezing – the worst enemy of cockroaches

In fact, such insects categorically do not tolerate low temperatures. That is, if the room is below 7 °C, the cockroaches no longer reproduce and weaken. Of course, it is uncomfortable to live at such a temperature, but it can be created for a short time – especially in winter. Just open the windows wide open for a couple of days, so that the apartment is well-frosted – the cockroaches will go away on their own.

How to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment by yourself by setting a trap

Another method is a homemade trap, which will help if there are few insects. Take a wide-necked jar or enameled bowl, grease it with grease or vaseline on the inside, and crumble bread, cookies, or sugar on the bottom and walls. Insects will run away, but will not be able to get out, but will be stuck in what you smeared in the trap. Caught cockroaches can then be poured over with boiling water or treated with an insecticide.

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