How to Get Rid of Pests in the Garden: 5 Dangerous Insects and Their Control

Insects that feed on the leaves or roots of plants are very harmful to crops. Absolutely all dacha owners face this problem every season and look for a way to get rid of pests.

What pests are there – types

There is a basic list of insects that are most often found in the garden and vegetable garden. Depending on the type, they affect those or other crops.


Small insects, similar to butterflies, prefer vegetable crops. Usually, they can be found in cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, and passion. The larvae suck the sap from the leaves and contaminate them with excrement. A good option against whiteflies is herbal infusions or chemicals.

Colorado potato beetle

An old acquaintance destroys crops of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Completely eats the leaves, so it is necessary to deal with such pests immediately – collect by hand or use insecticides.


A dangerous insect for both the garden and the vegetable garden. Damages the leaves, sucking the sap from them, and letting the inside of the leaf structure poison, causing the plants to die quickly. In addition, aphids spread viruses and infections, and if it is not detected in time – you can lose the entire crop.

There are several ways to combat it:

  • Plant mint, melissa, mustard, lavender, and similar plants with strong aromas on the plot;
  • to treat plants with a solution of water with soap and ash, decoction of tobacco, celandine, yarrow, fennel, bitter pepper, and wormwood;
  • Use chemical preparations.

Take into account that it is necessary to fight not only aphids but also ants, which are carriers of pests.


Small insects can attack white and red cabbage, radish, radish, and turnip, so they are often found in vegetable gardens and fields with these crops. They gnaw holes in leaves and cabbage heads, severely damaging the vegetables.

There are two ways to get rid of fleas:

  • Spray the crop with a tincture of garlic, tomato leaves, and a spoonful of soap;
  • Treating the leaves with a decoction of dandelion roots and leaves.

You can also plant garlic and onions next to the vegetables, which repel fleas with their scent.


Unpleasant pests that crawl into the fruits and root crops, damage the trunks and leaves. That is why they are very dangerous for any crop. Quality drainage is a proven means against slugs, as is weeding the soil with the removal of possible hiding places – boards, stones, and other objects where pests can hide.

How to get rid of pests in the garden – methods

Experienced gardeners advise several options for controlling insects. They can be used all or choose one – at your discretion:

  • Boiling water is an ideal remedy that helps to get rid of powdery mildew, and spotting, free from aphids, mites, and many other garden pests. All you need to do is water the plants with water heated to 60-70°C.
  • Manganese – prepare a weak solution of pink and treat seeds, tubers, and bulbs with it to prevent pests.
  • Ash – a natural component that combines the effect of pesticides and fertilizers. It is effective against cruciferous fleas and aphids. All you need to do is scatter the ash early in the morning under the plants’ roots, and the pests will go away on their own.

Another option is quicklime. It is usually used to neutralize acidic soils and as a source of calcium for plants, but lime is also good for slugs.

You don’t need special gardening skills to use this method – just scatter a strip of lime around the area with the crop you want to protect from insects – the pests won’t touch your crops

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