How to Get Rid of Superglue Stains: Five Simple Solutions

Superglue tends to harden quickly, and if it gets on fabrics, it also crumbles, damaging the threads. The result is a hole in the garment. To get rid of dried glue, use these simple tips.

How to get rid of superglue

You can remove the stain from the glue with the help of acetone or nail polish remover (put a cotton pad with the liquid for 2-5 seconds). To do this, wipe the place where the glue was spilled. After wiping with a paper towel. Rinse the cloth with soap and water.

At the same time, it is not recommended to wipe the stained cloth with scrapers, because this can further damage it.

You can also remove stains from the glue of the moment with white spirit, kerosene, or even bite diluted in water.

Before using this method, it is recommended to check the reaction of the fabric to acetone: moisten an inconspicuous place on the clothes, if there are no streaks on the fabric, you can safely proceed to clean from white superglue stains.

If you are faced with the question of how you can remove superglue from delicate fabrics, use a solution of citric acid and water (1:10).

Tampons soaked in solvent or gasoline can be used to pre-clean the soiled area on the garment. This is easier and removes super glue stains from furniture.

Freezer, humidifier, hair dryer

Surprised? To remove dried superglue from your clothes put the fabric in the freezer for at least an hour. During this time, the glue that has penetrated the fibers becomes brittle (removable with a nail file, tweezers, etc.).

Of course, there is another way – for example, to try to heat the stain with an iron or hair dryer. Once the glue becomes soft – you can remove it with the blunt side of a knife, plastic card, or a piece of thin cardboard.


Dimexin can be purchased at any drugstore. To remove the second glue from the clothing, two swabs soaked in Dimeksin are left on either side of the stain for 10-15 minutes. It is harmless for thin and delicate types of fabric.


This is the most convenient method of removing white stains from super glue. It is applied to the stain for 5 minutes. To remove the glue, use a suitable metal object. The product is also good against sticker marks on clothes and labels.

Regular Water

To remove glue from synthetic clothing, you just need to rinse it gently in hot water. Leave the garment in boiling water with the stained area facing down. After softening, spread it out on a flat surface. Before you remove the glue, it is advisable to wash the fabric in a soapy solution.

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